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Toronto Metropolitan University students have one academic record, which incorporates all courses studied through graduate/undergraduate programs and continuing education.

Non-graded, non-credit courses will not appear on your official transcript.

All official transcripts are complete, and partial transcripts will not be issued.

How to Request a Transcript

You can request an official transcript via MyServiceHub. Select the Request Official Transcript quick link under Academics in the Student Center.

Normal processing time for transcripts is usually one to two business days. During peak periods, such as the end and start of each term, normal processing time for transcripts is as soon as possible within five business days. All transcripts requested are provided as an electronic document (e-transcript) and available through a credential platform.

Please note: If a student has an outstanding fee balance or other obligation to TMU, the transcript will not be released until the balance or obligation has been cleared to the satisfaction of the University.

For more information on transcripts, visit the Office of the Registrar (RO) website.