Course Description

This course provides students with the research skills needed for evaluation including qualitative and quantitative research, data literacy, data collection, and data visualization as applied to program evaluation. Students will also learn how to interpret ambiguous or incomplete datasets, assess the quality of interpretations, and avoid methodological and ethical pitfalls. Equitable and ethical research and an understanding of how to select appropriate and culturally sensitive research methods for traditionally marginalized groups will also be emphasized.


This course is fully online with both asynchronous and synchronous components, meaning that there are only a limited number of times where you will be asked to be online for a live synchronous session via Zoom or Google Meet. Dates and times for these sessions will be posted in the course section schedule. 
Throughout the course you can expect an interactive experience where you will engage with weekly module content and activities independently, as well as collaborate with your peers through discussion forums and group projects. Please note that assignments and discussion participation may have deadlines. 


Prerequisite: CYPG 620

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