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Undergraduate Students

If you are an undergraduate student, you are welcome to enrol in The Chang School’s flexible courses. With a variety of delivery options – intensives, daytime, evening, or weekend classes, and online learning – you’ll find courses that fit into your busy schedule.

Many of The Chang School’s courses are degree credit and identical in curriculum to the equivalent Toronto Metropolitan undergraduate course.

By following proper guidelines, these courses can be used towards your undergraduate degree’s credit requirements.

How to Tell If a Course Is Degree Credit

You can search for degree credit courses using our Course Search tool. Select “Degree Credit” in the Course Category dropdown menu.

Each course description page lists the Credit Type under the course title. Look for courses that say Degree Credit.

Course Codes

Chang School course codes are the same as those listed in your Toronto Metropolitan undergraduate program curriculum, with a ‘C’ added in front of the undergraduate course code.

For example, Toronto Metropolitan University’s ACC 100 – Introductory Financial Accounting is CACC 100 – Introductory Financial Accounting when taken through The Chang School.

Open Electives Available Online

The Chang School offers several Toronto Metropolitan degree-credit open electives in a fully online format. Please review the information in Toronto Metropolitan's Undergraduate Calendar for more information on Open Electives.

Active Toronto Metropolitan Undergraduate Students

How to Enrol

As an active Toronto Metropolitan undergraduate student, you can enrol in Chang School courses online using MyServiceHub at

Visit MyServiceHub Support for a step-by-step guide to course enrolment.

Active Toronto Metropolitan undergraduate students cannot enrol through the Chang School website.

Course Fees

Chang School course fees are due at the time of enrolment. They do not follow the undergraduate fee deadlines. 

If you are enrolling online through MyServiceHub, you must pay your fees via online banking. Late fees will be applied if payment is not received by the end of the month.

Using a Chang School Course for Degree Requirements

If you plan to use a Chang School course toward your degree requirements, please check your Advisement Report on MyServiceHub to confirm the course is eligible.

Important GPA Note:
If a student in a degree program completes a Chang School course to meet their program requirements, the grade earned in that course will be used in the calculation of their CGPA. Chang School courses completed before a student is enrolled in a degree program will not be used to calculate their undergraduate degree CGPA.

Note for Engineering Students

Engineering degree students can use MyServiceHub to enrol in Liberal Studies courses offered by the Chang School. Some Liberal Studies courses will be restricted, and students will require departmental approval to enrol in that course. First year students should contact the First Year Engineering Office to request departmental approval. Second, Third, and Fourth year students should contact their program department to request permission.

Toronto Metropolitan Students in Part-Time Degree Programs

How to Enrol

As an active Toronto Metropolitan student in a part-time degree program, you can enrol in Chang School courses online using MyServiceHub at Active Toronto Metropolitan students in part-time degree programs cannot enrol through the Chang School website.

Course Fees

Course fees for Toronto Metropolitan part-time degree students are due on the due date for the academic term (not at the time of enrolment). Part-time degree students pay undergraduate fees and must pay with online banking.

Late fees will be applied if payment is not received by the end of the month.

Active Toronto Metropolitan Undergraduate Students Considering a Certificate

If you are an active Toronto Metropolitan undergraduate student considering taking a Chang School certificate program, you should be aware of possible restrictions.

For example, certificates cannot be pursued in combination with an undergraduate degree program where the course content is identical, or too similar, to the content of the degree program course requirements.

Visit Curriculum Advising for details.

Non-Toronto Metropolitan Undergraduate Students

If you’re an undergraduate student from another post-secondary institution, you can apply to your home school for permission to study at The Chang School. You will need to confirm with your school that you can use these degree credits as transfer credits to fulfill the requirements of your program of study.

Non-Toronto Metropolitan Students can take Chang School courses to reduce their course load or to get ahead in their program’s curriculum.

Important Note About Transfer Credits

To ensure the credits you complete at The Chang School will be transferable to your home institution, you must obtain approval from your home institution before enrolling in a Chang School course.

Your university will also require time for approval of your proposed transfer credits. For details and a Letter of Permission (LOP) application form, contact your home institution’s Office of the Registrar. Your home institution will determine whether or not the course you plan to enrol in at The Chang School is an acceptable transfer credit.

What Is a Letter of Permission (LOP)?

A Letter of Permission (LOP) is an official document issued by your home institution that ensures the Chang School course(s) listed on the LOP will be acceptable credits that are transferable to your home institution. Upon completion, these Transfer Credit courses may count towards your program of study at your home institution. Note: You do not need to submit a copy of your LOP to Toronto Metropolitan University.

Prerequisite Waivers

If a course you are enrolling in requires prerequisites and you believe you have obtained an equivalent prerequisite from your home institution, you must obtain a prerequisite waiver from The Chang School before you enrol.

To request a prerequisite waiver, please email with your:

  1. Full name
  2. Desired Toronto Metropolitan course code and section for which you are requesting a prerequisite waiver
  3. Unofficial transcript showing the completed prerequisite(s)

How to Enrol

You can enrol online through our website, in person at the ServiceHub, or through MyServiceHub if you already have a username.

After completing your course, you can request a transcript through MyServiceHub at

Chang School Students Considering Undergraduate Degree Studies

If you are a registered Chang School student considering an undergraduate degree, you must apply for admission using the Toronto Metropolitan Application form.


  • The averages/grades required for admission selection are determined on the basis of competition each year. Possession of minimum averages and/or grades does not guarantee admission.
  • Your complete academic record, including secondary school as well as all post-secondary studies (college, university, or other post-secondary institutions) will be reviewed and considered as part of the competitive selection process, unless otherwise noted.
  • Each program maintains specific requirements for entry. Please refer to your program of choice to review the requirements.
  • Chang School courses may be used for upgrading for a degree program. We recommend speaking with an admissions advisor first. Visit ServiceHub with questions about upgrading
  • Chang School courses may be used to strengthen an application to a degree program. However, we recommend speaking with an admissions advisor to learn which courses are appropriate for upgrading. Please visit the ServiceHub for specific admissions advice.

Restrictions and Guidelines

  • Chang School courses cannot be used for degree credit/completion if taken during a period of suspension from a full-time program without prior permission from a student’s program department.
  • Degree level courses may be applied to an undergraduate degree. Certificate-level courses will not.
  • Your GPA begins calculating once you are officially in the degree program. Degree credit courses taken before you are officially in the program will not apply to your undergraduate program GPA.