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Need an approval code in order to register in your chosen certificate? Visit “Certificate Pre-Approval Codes” on this page for details.

Certificate Registration

To graduate from a certificate program, you must register in the program and successfully complete the certificate requirements from the year in which you registered for the program.

You must register for a certificate program before completing 50 percent of the certificate requirements. Failure to register by this time could adversely affect your graduation and your GPA calculation by delaying your graduation by at least one term or possibly requiring that you complete additional courses.

Certificate Requirements

Toronto Metropolitan University’s policies on enrolment, grading, and graduation define the minimum level of acceptable academic performance required to graduate. These policies apply to all certificate programs. Make sure you read and understand the requirements for your desired certificate before registering.

You may be registered in only one certificate program at any one time. Each application, either for certificate registration or for transfer into a different certificate program, requires the submission of a new request online through MyServiceHub in advance of the published application deadline.

Applications received after the published deadlines will be applied to the term directly following. Your registration in the certificate will not take effect until that term. For example, if you enrol in certificate courses in the Fall term, but do not submit your certificate registration request until after the Fall deadline, your registration in the certificate program will take effect in the Winter term. This means any applicable certificate courses you successfully completed in the Fall term will not be included in your cumulative grade point average (CGPA). However, they will count as credit towards your certificate graduation requirements (up to a maximum of 50 percent).

Visit Past Certificate Course Requirements to view course requirements of certificates for previous academic years.

Certificate Pre-Approval Codes

The following Chang School certificates require you to obtain an approval code prior to registering in the program:

Advanced Safety Management
Applied Digital Geography and GIS
Business French and Translation
Canadian Social Work Practice
Economics and Finance
Economics: Theory and Applications
Financial Mathematics Modelling and Predictive Analytics
Food Security
Health Services Management
Health Informatics
Indigenous Child and Youth Engagement
Occupational Health and Safety Leadership
Proficiency in French
Proficiency in Spanish
Project Management for Technical Professionals
Public Administration and Leadership

The pre-approval process is needed to ensure that you have the right education and/or work experience to succeed in your program.

Visit your chosen certificate page and review “Admission Criteria” or “How to Apply” to determine the requirements for obtaining an approval code. For certificates where the process is not outlined on the certificate page, contact with your request.

If you’ve already enrolled in a course and created your student profile, registering for your related certificate is quick and easy! Visit How to Register for a Certificate Program once you have received your approval code via email.

Undergraduate Restrictions

If you are a full-time or part-time Toronto Metropolitan undergraduate student wishing to pursue a Chang School certificate program, you should be aware of possible registration restrictions.

Check the Curriculum Advising website for a complete list of certificate restrictions. Visit Undergraduate Students for more information about enrolling in Chang School courses as an undergraduate student.

How to Register for a Certificate Program

Visit How to Register for a Certificate Program.

How to Enrol in a Course

Visit How to Enrol in a Course.

Archived Calendars

Visit Archived Calendars to find curriculum information and calendars from past academic years at The Chang School.