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Note: For Winter 2020 courses only, the university, with the unanimous support of the Deans, is providing students with the option of choosing to replace final course grade/s with a credit (CRD) or no credit (NCR) grade. Visit the Office of the Registrar (RO) website for details.

Final Grades

Final grades are available at at the end of each term. They are typically available approximately 10 days after the end of the examination period.

How to View Your Final Grades

  1. Log in to
  2. Select the MyServiceHub tab.
  3. In the Academics section, select “Grades/Standing”.
  4. Select a term and select “Continue”.
  5. Your grades will be displayed in MyServiceHub.

Note: Grades for single-term courses are posted at the end of each term. Grades for multi-term courses are posted at the end of the academic year (or in August for Spring/Summer courses).

How to Avoid Having Your Grades Withheld

Toronto Metropolitan University may withhold your grades for the following reasons:

  • if you fail to return books or any other borrowed property to the Library
  • if you fail to pay outstanding fees or debts to the University

Your grades will be withheld until the status of these items are cleared to the satisfaction of the University.

You are responsible for all books, materials, etc., borrowed against your OneCard, unless you have reported their loss or theft.

If you have an outstanding debt to the University in excess of $100 (subject to change), you will not be able to access your grades and will receive a hold notice in lieu of your graduation award at the relevant convocation ceremony.

Grading System

Academic performance at Toronto Metropolitan is measured in grades. In individual courses, academic performance is measured in number and letter grades. Only letter grades are recorded on a student’s academic record. The grade point average results directly from the final grades achieved in each individual course. Course grades with numerical equivalent values are used to determine GPA for students enrolled in continuing education certificates.

Grading System

Performance Description Letter Grade Conversion Range Percentage Scale to Letter Grades Toronto Metropolitan GPA
Excellent A+ 90-100 4.33
A 85-89 4.00
A- 80-84 3.67
Good B+ 77-79 3.33
B 73-76 3.00
B- 70-72 2.67
Satisfactory C+ 67-69 2.33
C 63-66 2.00
C- 60-62 1.67
Marginal D+ 57-59 1.33
D 53-56 1.00
D- 50-52 0.67
Unsatisfactory F 0-49 0

Final academic performance in each course is recorded as one of the above letter grades or as one of the “other” designations listed below. At the discretion of the teaching department, performance on term work or specific assignments may be marked on a numeric scale. When a numeric scale is used, it will result in a traditional percentage scale with the ranges of conversion to letter grades as shown above.

Other Course Performance Designations

There are three forms of “other,” non-letter grade designations:

  1. non-graded designations acceptable for course credit purposes
  2. course performance designations assigned at the discretion of the teaching department
  3. designations assigned by the Office of the Registrar

These performance designations are described in detail below.

Non-Graded Designations

The following are non-graded designations acceptable for course credit purposes, but not included in any calculation of grade point averages:

CHG – Challenge: Course credit achieved through a successful challenge examination.

CRT – Credit: Course credit achieved through an acceptable grade in an equivalent course (as determined by the Toronto Metropolitan course teaching department) completed at Toronto Metropolitan or at another post-secondary institution. Such credit may be granted as a part of the admission process, but for students already registered in their program, this type of credit is normally granted only on the basis of a prior letter of permission from the program director.

PSD – Passed: Acceptable performance in a course graded only pass or fail (as predefined in the course outline).

Course Performance Designations Assigned at the Discretion of the Teaching Department

The following are course performance designations which may be assigned at the discretion of the teaching department:

AEG – Credit granted by a Dean, in consultation with the instructor, only under exceptional circumstances when there has been acceptable performance in a course and some coursework remains to be completed.

DEF – Deferred: An interim grade assigned during the investigation of academic misconduct as described in Policy 60, Academic Integrity (PDF). The DEF will be replaced by an official course grade upon resolution of the matter.

FLD – Failure in a Pass-Fail course: Failure to meet the minimum acceptable standards a pass/fail course. Failures in such courses will not be included in calculating the grade point average but will be counted as a failed course to determine academic standing for approved department/school standing variations and for graduation.

FNA – Failure, Non-Attendance: Awarded by an instructor when the student has been absent from most course meetings and has submitted no work for grading. This grade is assigned when a student abandons a course without completing a formal withdrawal prior to established deadline dates. This grade is counted as a failure in the calculation of the grade point average.

FS – Failure-Supplementary: A marginally failing performance that may be raised to a ‘D-’ through a redeemable failure examination. Students with an FS designation must apply to write the redeemable failure examination which would be scheduled before to the end of the second week of classes during the next academic term.

INC – Incomplete: Incomplete course work or a missed final examination due to documented medical or compassionate grounds. An INC can be awarded only when some work remains to be completed and when the completion of the outstanding work or an alternate final examination may result in a passing grade. An INC will be assigned to students who have not completed a required Academic Integrity Quiz for educational purposes as defined in Policy 60, Academic Integrity (PDF). The outstanding work or alternate examination must be completed by a specified date within three months of the submission of the INC unless alternative arrangements have been made with the program director. The INC will be replaced by an official course grade when the work is completed. If the work is not completed by the deadline, the INC will become a grade of F. The designation INC is not included in calculating the GPA nor is it counted as a transfer credit or failed course. An INC can be changed to an AEG by a Dean under exceptional circumstances.

Note: Students must petition their instructor to receive an INC grade within three working days, or as soon as reasonably possible, of the missed final examination or final assignment deadline. Supporting documentation (for example, Toronto Metropolitan Medical Certificate) must be provided. Instructors awarding an INC grade must provide the student, within seven working days, with a written statement of outstanding work to be completed and the date by which it must be completed (or the date of the alternate final examination). The instructor must also file a copy of this documentation with the program director.

INP – In Progress: Indicates course work in progress with at least one more term of formal course enrolment and study required for completion (for example, extended absence requires repeating the course, or a final thesis is still in progress). The designation INP is not included in calculating grade point average, nor as either a credit or a failed course.

Designations Assigned by the Office of the Registrar

The following designations assigned by the Office of the Registrar are not included in GPA calculations, nor in establishing academic standing, nor as academic program credit:

AUD – Audit: Course attended as auditor student only; course work is not evaluated, and no grade is assigned.

CNC – Course Not For Credit: Course is not used for credit in the student’s current program. This designation is recorded on the transcript as information supplementary to the grade earned in the course.

GNR – Grade Not Recorded: Grades have not been submitted for an entire class. The student should initiate an inquiry with the instructor and/or The G.Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education within one month of receiving the GNR grade, unless a grade revision is received.

Grade Appeals

Visit Grade Appeals for information about how to appeal a grade.

Grade Point Averages

Visit Grade Point Averages for information about GPAs at The Chang School.