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Embark on a journey of creative expression.

Discover a world of possibilities with ACT II STUDIO: learn new skills, discover hidden talents, and join a community of theatre lovers. It’s never too late to explore your creativity!

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The Estelle Craig ACT II STUDIO

The Estelle Craig ACT II STUDIO at Programs for 50+ is an inclusive, creative program that provides adults over 50 the opportunity to develop skills in the dramatic arts and hone them in a nurturing environment. Students from all walks of life and any level of experience can focus on acting, directing, playwriting, or storytelling in many different genres from Shakespeare to avant garde. If you’re looking for a chance to express yourself through the magic of theatre, come join our vibrant creative community. 

Current Act II Studio Courses

CSAC 101 - Introduction to Acting I
CSAC 102 - Introduction to Acting II
CSAC137 - Viewpoints and More
CSMU 114 - Vocal Technique
CSMU 150 - Korean Drum Ensemble
CSAC 343 - Inhabiting the Moment
CSAC 306 Comedy Monologues
CSAC 346 - Uta Hagen: Methodology and Practice Workshop
CSAC 347 - Uta Hagen: Methodology & Practice Workshop II
CSAC 417 Advanced Scene Study: Contemporary Plays
CSAC 502 - Stratford Festival Preview
CSAC 508 - Performance Analysis: Film and Television
CSAC 660 - Next Generation Showcase - Changing Faces
CSAC 661 - Next Generation Showcase - Changing Faces - Self Tapes

CSMA 201 - The History of the Kiss in Film

CSAC 350 - Comedy Writing for Sketch and Narrative
CSAC 650 - Dramaturgical Thinking - An Intro to Theatrical Dramaturgy
CSAC 652 - Playwriting Clinic



Enhance your theatre experience by joining act2studioWORKS, a non-profit organization created by ACT II STUDIO students.

act2studioWORKS provides students with extended programming opportunities to put developing skills into practice. Performances, playwriting circles and play workshops, StoryFests, collective projects and Directors’ Showcases complement courses offered through ACT II STUDIO.

Through act2studioWORKS’ touring arm, Moving Scenes, take part in community outreach by participating in shows that communicate older adult voices and raise awareness about pressing social issues such as dementia, ageing and ageism, elder abuse, and health care.

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