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Arts, Music, and Culture

Tap into a wide range of topics and interests with our arts, music, and culture courses. Our interactive, thought-provoking courses promote skill building, lifelong learning, and socializing. Whether you are looking to take up singing, study the great visual artists of the 20th century, or want to explore literature from across the globe, we have the courses to spark your curiosity.

We are thankful to partner with two research labs at Toronto Metropolitan University for our music courses: Stress and Healthy Aging Research (StAR) and SMART Lab at Toronto Metropolitan University, Department of Psychology. The SMART Lab and Dr. Frank Russo, Lab Director and Music Program Coordinator for the Programs for 50+ Music Program, helped develop our music courses with a focus on maintaining good cognitive health.

You may have just found the secret to healthy aging — by spending time with a community of like-minded individuals, learning new things, and discovering your true life passions.

Current Arts, Music, and Culture Courses

CSMU 110 - 50+ Singers
CSMU 139 - The Music of the Mass
CSMU 141 World Music: A Travelogue in Song

CSPI 353 - Great Gardens of the World NEW! 
CSPI 354 - Amazing Sculpture Gardens NEW! 
CSPI 356 - Amazing Cooks NEW! 
CSPI 814 - Transformations: An Introduction to Telling Personal Stories NEW!

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