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Programs for 50+ and Community Engagement

Find purpose, stimulate personal enrichment, expand social connections, and redefine later life learning.

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Join us for a variety of presentations, lectures, and workshops throughout the year.

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Health, Wellness, and Personal Finance

Discover engaging new courses and workshops that will enhance your knowledge and provide inspiration for developing a healthy mind and body at every age.

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Join our positive and supportive theatre program and creative drama centre. Learn, create, and perform.

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Arts, Music, and Culture

Tap into a wide range of topics and interests with our arts, music, and culture courses.

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Caring Clown

Learn the practice of clowning techniques used in therapeutic facilities. Volunteer as a Caring Clown to bring cheer to residents in long-term care homes.

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LIFE Institute

Take courses and join study groups on a broad range of topics including politics, history, cultural studies, film, and art history.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I enrol for a course in Programs for 50+?

We offer courses in the following subject areas: Health, Wellness & Personal Finance, Music, Arts and CultureCaring Clown Program, as well as ACT II STUDIO.

To enrol, click on the individual course code and name, if the course is available, click “add to cart”. See our step-by-step guides for more details instructions on how to enrol

What does Two-Factor Authentication mean and how do I set it up? 

If you are prompted for two-factor authentication as part of the enrollment process, you will need to download the free Google Authenticator App onto your mobile phone.  See details instructions for two-factor authentication, including video tutorials.

My classes are held on campus, how do I access the locked buildings?

All P50+/Continuing Education Students who are attending classes on campus must have a valid OneCard.  You will need to be enrolled in a course to obtain the OneCard.  Visit Student OneCard for instructions on how to obtain an OneCard.

How do I register for an event for Programs for 50+?

Visit our Events page for registration information.

Can I enrol for LIFE Institute courses through Programs for 50+?

The LIFE Institute is a partnership with The Chang School of Continuing Education at Toronto Metropolitan University. To learn about their courses and how to enrol please visit their website. The LIFE Institute requires members to pay a membership fee of $80/year. For further questions, contact LIFE Institute at or by phone at 647-370-6572 x556989.

What is the difference between ACT II STUDIO and act2studioWORKS?

act2studioWORKS is a non-profit theatre organization which offers extended programming to students enrolled in ACT II STUDIO courses (offered through The Chang School Programs for 50+). WORKS provides many opportunities for students to practise and hone newly acquired skills: performances; a playwriting circle, playreading workshops and new plays festival; directing showcases and much more. An annual membership fee of $70 is required to join. For more information, visit

How much do courses cost?

Each course is individually priced. Please check the individual course page for the course fee.

Is there any financial assistance available? 

Merit-based awards are awarded based on demonstrated academic excellence, often in combination with other attributes such as contribution to a specific community. See the merit-based awards available to Programs for 50+ students.

Where and when do courses take place?

Locations, as well as dates and timing for each course are advertised alongside the course information.

Are there any volunteer opportunities with Programs for 50+?

Yes! There are numerous ways to volunteer with Programs for 50+.
Join our Conversational Connections program which matches international, exchange, and first-generation Toronto Metropolitan students with older adult volunteers. Or help out with our special events, such as the 50+ Festival, Lecture Series, or Concert Series. Or participate in research initiatives taking part through the university.

How do I receive a refund for a canceled course?

Refunds for canceled courses will be processed automatically. Depending on how you made your original payment, either a refund cheque will be mailed within 15 days or the refund will be issued to your credit card.

Who do I contact to learn more about your offerings?

Contact us by email or phone to learn more about Programs for 50+:
Phone: 416-979-5103


Jeany Chan

The more I think about it, the more I love it. At first I was nervous and couldn’t read notes, but I like challenges and there was no pressure from the wonderful, encouraging instructor. I can’t ask for more.

– Jeany Chan
CSMU 100 - Singing Level I

Linda Rothman

The greatest gift I gave myself was the Caring Clown Program. It enabled me to give back to my community and enriched my life with new skills, wonderful friends, and pure joy.

– Linda Rothman
Caring Clown

Jock McLeod

After taking some courses and acting in some plays, I was approached by a professional actor who lined me up with his agent. Now I do commercials, television, and movies. It’s a whole new beginning!

– Jock McLeod

Contact Information

Phone: 416-979-5103
Twitter: @Chang50plus
Address: 297 Victoria Street, Toronto, ON