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Job Postings for Instructors

This page describes the process of applying for teaching positions available only at The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education.

The Chang School's Fall 2024 and Winter 2025 Continuing Education Contract Lecturer (CECL) job postings are now available on the TMU Careers website.

To help you select and apply for course sections that you are available to teach, we have provided a Posted Jobs list, which contains additional details regarding course schedules and mode of delivery. Also included are the Job Opening ID numbers, to facilitate the search for jobs on the Careers website.

Fall 2024 and Winter 2025 Posted Jobs list:

Fall 2024 Chang School Posted Jobs

Winter 2025 Chang School Posted Jobs

Successful applicants for posted instructional opportunities will be notified by email by Tuesday, July 30, 2024.

The Chang School recruits Continuing Education Contract Lecturers (CECLs) twice yearly to teach continuing education courses in the Fall, Winter, and Spring/Summer semesters. Postings become available for 10 calendar days on:

  • Spring/Summer semesters: February 15 of each year
  • Fall and Winter semesters: June 12 of each year

Chang School courses are delivered online and in person. While online courses can be entirely asynchronous, many have recurring meeting times (often weekly) throughout the semester. Detailed scheduling information will be provided on this page during the posting period.

Qualifications, including specific qualifications for courses taught online, are unique to each course and are listed in each job posting. It is each applicant’s responsibility to review the qualifications listed in the job posting and submit a teaching dossier containing all required documentation and evidence of qualifications specifically requested in the job posting.

Interviews may be held at the discretion of The Chang School. On offer of a teaching contract, successful applicants for whom The Chang School has no transcripts on file will be required to furnish The Chang School with official, original academic transcripts issued by their advanced degree-granting institutions.

How to Apply for Teaching Positions in The Chang School

Applications for teaching positions in The Chang School are submitted online through the Toronto Metropolitan University Careers website. Applicants apply for individual course sections. Information and evidence supporting applicant qualifications must be provided in your teaching dossier/resumé.

Each job opening includes the specific qualifications and experience required of applicants.

This application process is open to applicants who qualify for membership in CUPE Local 3904, Unit 2; that is:

  • Applicants from the general public who are qualified to teach and who are not members of the excluded groups listed below
  • Members of CUPE Local 3904, Unit 1 (day sessional instructors) seeking work in addition to their current day load

Excluded groups include:

  • Members of Toronto Metropolitan Faculty Association (RFA)
  • CUPE Local 3904, Unit 1 members who are assigned continuing education teaching in fulfillment of their day load
  • Academic and administrative Toronto Metropolitan University staff at the Chang School academic coordinator level and higher

Application Steps

  1. If you are currently (or have been recently) employed at Toronto Metropolitan, log in to, select the eHR tab, and from the Self Service page, find the Careers tile. Make sure that your browser allows popups from
  2. If you are not currently employed at Toronto Metropolitan or cannot access, go to Toronto Metropolitan’s Careers website, select the option “I am an external candidate" and click the “View Jobs” button.
  3. Create or update your user profile. If you are a new applicant, please make sure that you can recall your username and password for future actions.
  4. In View All Jobs, search for and select the job opening in which you are interested. Please confirm that you are available to teach on the dates and times of the course section for which you are applying.
  5. Upload your latest teaching dossier, where “resumé” is requested during the application process. Note: If you choose to use an existing dossier from a previous application, you can select “Use an existing resumé” option.
  6. Complete and submit your application. A confirmation email will be sent to you. If you do not receive the email, please go back to your profile to make sure you submitted the application and did not leave it in draft status.
  7. Sign in to your ‘Careers’ page to check the status of your application at any time.

Questions? Email and we will respond during regular Chang School business hours.

Applicant Responsibilities

The following is an adapted excerpt from the Collective Agreement between Toronto Metropolitan University and the union representing Chang School continuing education contract lecturers (CECLs), CUPE Local 3904, Unit 2. It describes the responsibilities incumbent upon all those making applications through the CECL job postings process.

A. Applications for each position vacancy must be submitted through the online application system. All applicants shall be expected to apply by submitting an online application for each course section for which the applicant is applying and must include a teaching dossier/resumé.

All applications must be submitted prior to the closing date and time specified on the job poster.

This procedure shall be followed for each term and in respect of each course section for which the applicant is applying.

Applications received by The Chang School after the deadline date and time shall not be considered.

B. Applicants applying for posted teaching position vacancies are responsible for providing the Selection Committee with all relevant information concerning their candidacy.

C. Upon confirmation of an offer of appointment and as a condition of employment, the prospective employee will be required to validate their academic qualifications through the provision of original transcripts.

D. In such circumstances, the Program Director shall inform, in writing, The Chang School CECL of this requirement, indicating the period of time within which the official transcripts must be received by the University.

Additional Clarifications

To apply for a teaching position, you must submit your application in the relevant job opening and upload an appropriate teaching dossier, where “resumé” is indicated in the job posting.

Toronto Metropolitan University has an employment equity program and encourages applications from all qualified candidates, including Aboriginal peoples, persons with disabilities, members of visible minorities, and women.

Your Teaching Dossier

In eHR Careers, Toronto Metropolitan’s online Chang School teaching application system, teaching dossiers will be referenced to assess your qualifications to teach a course.

These dossiers (“resumés” in eHR) should provide a description and record of an applicant’s professional and teaching accomplishments and strengths. Be sure to review the online job opening for the required qualifications related to the course section(s) for which you are applying.

The Selection Committee will consider candidates on the basis of their qualifications as follows:

  • Education
  • Experience 
  • Currency
  • Teaching skills and effective interaction with adult students and colleagues in an inclusive manner

If you are applying in more than one subject area, you may choose to customize your dossier for each area.

Note: Due to file size limitations in the eHR Careers system (5MB maximum), you must assemble your teaching dossier into a single file before you upload it. (Note: Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word are the only accepted document formats.) For clarity, please be sure to include your last name and term in the file name of your dossier (for example, LastNameWinter2025). Please do not use special characters or spaces in the file names, and no dashes, accents, asterisks, slashes or underscores.

What documents should be included in your Chang School teaching dossier?

Your dossier should include information and evidence that supports your qualifications. For the convenience of the Selection Committee, please submit documents in the following sequence:

  1.     Your resumé, including:
    • Academic credentials (degrees held and degree-granting institutions) and professional designations
    • Professional experience in the subject area, including number of years in the field, positions held, level of responsibilities, etc.
    • Summary of teaching experience
    • Evidence of your currency in the field (publications and presentations, conferences, awards and recognition, current membership and involvement in relevant professional associations)
  2. Your teaching philosophy statement, a one- to two-page reflective statement that describes your personal approach to, and practice of, effective teaching, learning, and engagement of students. Be sure to differentiate between distance/online teaching and classroom teaching, where appropriate.
  3. A list of all courses (separate from your resumé) taught within the past six (6) years, with complete course responsibility, relevant to the course(s) you are applying to teach. It must include:
    • Course codes, course titles, and dates/terms of delivery
    • Course delivery mode(s) (classroom, online, hybrid)
    • Name(s) of the post-secondary institution(s)
    • Reference and contact information
  4. Evidence of your teaching skills and effective interaction with students and colleagues in a diverse and inclusive environment. This may include:
    • Formal student survey results and teaching evaluations (Faculty/Course Survey) from at least the past three (3) years
    • Student testimonials
    • Teaching awards
    • Peer evaluations and/or assessments of your teaching
    • Letters of recommendation related to your teaching
    • Participation in learning and teaching conferences, workshops, or seminars
  5. Any other documentation that might support your application.

Please review the resources in the Professional Development section of Toronto Metropolitan University’s Teaching Development website for guidance.
For guidance on how to upload your revised dossier, please visit Update your Dossier for instructions.