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Graduate From Your Degree Faster with Transfer Credits

Are you looking for courses that will support your degree or allow you to explore an entirely new subject area? The Chang School offers degree-credit courses that allow you to learn on your own schedule, and enhance your knowledge with real-world experience.

Degree-Credit Summer Courses

Degree-credit courses are a great way to make up for a credit, get a head start on your electives, lighten your future course load, or simply raise your GPA. With more than 300 degree-credit courses to choose from, it’s easy to do all of those things at The Chang School. Thankfully, it’s also easy to transfer the credits you earn.

How to Transfer Credits

Undergraduate students from a different university

Follow these steps to ensure the credits you complete at The Chang School will be transferable to your home institution. Make sure you apply for approval from your home institution before you enrol in a degree-credit course.

  1. Identify the degree-credit course(s) you wish to take.
  2. Contact your home institution’s Office of the Registrar to request information about transfer credits and a Letter of Permission (LOP) application form. This request may take some time, so be sure to start the process early.
  3. Once you have been granted a LOP by your home institution, you’re ready to enrol.
  4. Enrol in your course(s). For detailed instructions, visit How to Enrol in a Course.

After completing the degree-credit course(s), submit a transfer credit application, along with a copy of your transcript and any other required documentation, to your home institution to ensure your credits are successfully transferred.

Undergraduate students at Toronto Metropolitan University

To make sure any credits you earn at The Chang School are applied toward your undergraduate degree at Toronto Metropolitan, simply log into MyServiceHub at and select the Undergraduate Career (UGRD) option when enrolling.

For more information about Toronto Metropolitan-to-Toronto Metropolitan credits, visit the Transfer Credits web page.


For more information about transferring credits, email

Enrolment Notes

Once you have found the Chang School course(s) you are interested in, review the course details to check for possible admission criteria, prerequisites, interview or placement assessment requirements, and course availability.

To fulfill prerequisite requirements, you will be asked to provide transcripts to demonstrate that prerequisite requirements have been met. In addition, you may be asked to provide grade reports, course descriptions, and/or course outlines of courses taken at your home institution or at other institutions.

The Chang School has final authority on determining if prerequisites completed at other institutions meet Chang School prerequisite eligibility for Chang School courses requiring a prerequisite.

Ready to enrol? Visit How to Enrol in a Course.

Useful Links

Use these resources to plan your spring/summer courses at The Chang School:

For additional information on transferring credits in Ontario, visit, a service provided by the Ontario Council on Articulation and Transfer.