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Accelerated Online Courses

Accelerated online courses represent one aspect of The Chang School’s innovative programming. These courses may offer you a strategic advantage in terms of time management or certificate completion.

Before enrolling in an accelerated online course, it is critical that you consider the demands of this format and determine whether you can manage the following expectations:

  • A minimum commitment of 14–18 hours of course work per week is required. These hours will be allotted to course content review, required readings, assignments, and discussion board participation.
  • Participation in discussion forums, collaborative projects, as well as meaningful interaction with the course instructor will require logging into the course frequently (often several times per week and, in some cases, on a daily basis).
  • Submission deadlines for assignments cannot be extended, and due dates for multiple assignments may coincide or occur in rapid succession.

For deadlines related to online courses, please refer to Important Dates.