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Aboriginal Foundations Program

The Aboriginal Foundations Program is a partnership between Toronto Metropolitan University’s Aboriginal Student Services and Spanning the Gaps – Access to Post-Secondary Education at The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education.

The program is designed for Aboriginal community members who seek to broaden their opportunities towards academic success.

This program will provide the foundations of academic writing and critical-thinking skills at a post-secondary level, within a culturally relevant environment.

Every aspect of this nine-week foundational writing program has been tailored with the needs of the Aboriginal community in mind. It draws on history, traditional understandings, and Indigenous knowledge.

Program Description

The Aboriginal Foundations Program is designed to accommodate those who may have obligations during the day, with classes offered for three hours, one evening a week, for nine weeks.
The program will focus on upgrading writing and critical-thinking skills for Aboriginal individuals interested in entering bridging (through Spanning the Gaps), certificate, or continuing education programs, or upgrading academic skills towards greater success at the post-secondary level.

Who Should Apply

  • Aboriginal community members who seek the necessary writing and critical-thinking skills to enter into bridging, certificate, or continuing education programs at the university level, or to improve their academic skills towards greater personal achievement.
  • Aboriginal professionals who are seeking to upgrade their writing skills and may be interested in broadening their professional development through continuing education programs within a university environment.
  • Aboriginal university students who are looking to upgrade their essay and critical-thinking skills toward greater academic success.

Our Instructor

Diane Simone receives her Mi’kmaq heritage from her mother’s side of the family, and was born and raised in Toronto. Diane has worked for many years in the Aboriginal community in adult education. She has a Master of Social Work from Toronto Metropolitan University, a Bachelor of Education from York University, and a Bachelor of Aboriginal Adult Education from Brock University. With her background in social work and education, she brings a wealth of experience to the Aboriginal Foundations Program at Toronto Metropolitan University.

Contact Us

For general inquiries or to set up an interview for an assessment, please contact Diane Simone at or 416-979-5000, ext. 3326.