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Letters of Permission

If you are registered in one of our certificate programs and wish to take courses at another accredited post-secondary institution for credit towards your Chang School certificate, you must apply for a Letter of Permission.

What is a Letter of Permission?

A Letter of Permission (LOP) grants students permission to enrol in courses at another accredited post-secondary institution and confirms credit taken will be applied toward their Chang School program.

A few important considerations:

  • If you are registered in a certificate program and would like to take courses at another institution, you must receive an approved LOP prior to taking said courses.
  • You must meet eligibility and satisfy all other requirements to get an LOP.
  • Credits taken at another institution without an approved LOP may not be granted.
  • A credit obtained on an LOP is recorded on your Toronto Metropolitan academic record as CRT and is not included in the calculation of your grade point average.
  • No more than a total of 50 percent of a program’s requirements may consist of credits granted on an LOP, Challenge Credits, and/or Transfer Credits.

How do I get one?

Steps for Toronto Metropolitan/Chang School students

1. Confirm your eligibility.

You are eligible if:

  • You are enrolled in a program of study at Toronto Metropolitan University and The Chang School; and
  • You are in good academic (clear) standing when you submit your application and in the session prior to enrolment at the host institution.

You are not eligible if:

  • You are in your first term of undergraduate studies at Toronto Metropolitan (because you do not have an academic standing yet).
  • You have a hold on your student record with an enrolment impact, preventing you from adding or dropping courses at Toronto Metropolitan.
  • You are applying to take courses that are not applicable to your Toronto Metropolitan program curriculum requirements.
  • You have already been awarded transfer credit for 50 percent of your Toronto Metropolitan program requirements.
  • You have already received credit for the course(s) or for similar courses at Toronto Metropolitan (transfer credit or you already passed the course at Toronto Metropolitan).

2. Select the course from the accredited post-secondary institution (that fulfills program curriculum requirements) and obtain their course outlines.

3. Fill out the Letter of Permission Application form.

4. Make payment on MyServiceHub in the eFORM Centre ($50 non-refundable fee).

5. Enter payment authorization code and form ID number to submit application.

Steps for non-Toronto Metropolitan students

  1. Determine The Chang School course that is eligible for LOP at your home institution.
  2. Receive approved LOP from home institution. Note: your home institution LOP does not have to be submitted to The Chang School.
  3. Enrol in The Chang School course (instructions on how to enrol in a course).

For further information about Letters of Permission and how to apply, visit the Curriculum Advising website.