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Course Credits

No more than a total of 50 percent of a program’s curriculum requirements may consist of Challenge Credits, Transfer Credits, and/or credits granted on a Letter of Permission).

Challenge Credits

Toronto Metropolitan University's Challenge Credit policy enables students to earn academic credit for learning and experience outside of the traditional post-secondary environment. This allows you to be examined in, and receive credit for, a recognized TMU course without meeting the normal requirements of enrolment, attendance, and instruction.

Visit the Curriculum Advising website for more information on Challenge Credits and how to apply.

Course Exceptions (Course Substitution/Directive)

A Course Substitution/Directive allows students formally registered in a certificate program to substitute or direct a TMU course which is not normally part of the regular certificate curriculum for a course that is listed as a program requirement. The substitute course must be authorized prior to enrolment in the course and must be of equal value and be at the same level. Program director and coordinator approval is required. Decisions are not valid until authorized by the Curriculum Advising office.

Further information and applications for Course Substitutions/Directives are available at the Curriculum Advising website.

Transfer Credits

Upon registration in a certificate, Transfer Credits may be granted for courses successfully completed at another accredited post-secondary institution . Approved Transfer Credits allow you to avoid repeating course work and to complete your certificate program requirements sooner.

If you are not yet registered in a certificate program, refer to Certificate Registration for application instructions.

To learn more about Transfer Credits and how to apply, visit the Transfer Credits website.

You do not need to apply for Transfer Credit for equivalent courses taken through The Chang School or in a previous TMU program. If you completed similar courses through a previous TMU program, you may apply for course substitution. Refer to Graduation or the Curriculum Advising website for more information.