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Courses FAQ

How do I enrol in a course?

You can enrol in Chang School courses online. Visit How to Enrol in a Course for full instructions.

When do online courses begin?

Online courses begin their first week on a Monday. Each following week begins on Saturday (unless otherwise stated). Visit our Online Learning page for more information about online courses.

Where can I find the schedule of course offerings for this academic year?

Course dates can be found under the "Course Sections" heading on individual course information pages. For online courses, if you see that a course is available but there are no class times (for example, Monday 6:30 p.m.–9:30 p.m.), it means the course is asynchronous (with no scheduled lectures).

How are courses being delivered?

The Chang School offers in-person, online, and hybrid learning courses. When choosing your course, check the course information page for classroom delivery (in-person classes); online delivery (fully online or virtualized classes); or classroom/online delivery (a combination of both in-person and online classes).

Our online courses include both synchronous learning (with live scheduled lectures) and asynchronous learning (with no scheduled lectures).

How are exams being delivered?

For most online Chang School courses that include a mid-term and/or final exam, you will also write your exam(s) online. Exam details will be provided in your course outline and confirmed by your instructor.

Some online courses include on-campus mid-term and/or final exams. This information will be noted on your course page. Check our Winter 2024 Online/Virtual Courses with On-Campus Exams (PDF) and Spring/Summer 2024 Online/Virtual Courses with On-Campus Exams (PDF) lists for more details about exam schedules.

  • If you live within 100 kilometres of Toronto Metropolitan University, you must write your exam on campus. Your instructor will confirm your exam date and time at the start of the term.
  • If you live more than 100 kilometres from TMU, you may arrange to write your exam off campus using an approved external invigilation service.

To arrange an off-campus invigilation, visit our Off-Campus Exam Request System. Detailed instructions are found within this link. Submissions will only be accepted once your course has begun, but you can use the system to find an invigilator, using the invigilator listings, if you don’t already have one in mind.

For more details about the invigilation process, visit Exams for Online Courses and review our Invigilation FAQ.

Questions? Contact us at

How do I drop a course?

To officially drop a course, follow the guidelines outlined on the MyServiceHub Support Student Tutorials page.

Students who do not officially withdraw from a course will be assigned a failing grade and be liable for all associated fees for the course(s).

Visit our Important Dates for drop deadlines.

When can I apply for a Transfer Credit, Course Substitution/Directive, Challenge Credit, or Letter of Permission?

You can apply as soon as you receive confirmation of acceptance into a certificate program. For more information about these curriculum exceptions, visit our Curriculum Advising page