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Pathways to Degree Programs

Whether you took a gap year and are looking to get into university, are transitioning from a college to a university program, or are in the workforce looking to build on existing credentials and experience, The Chang School is here to help you move forward.

There are many benefits to obtaining a degree, including increasing access to job opportunities, keeping pace with changing technology, and achieving a higher earning potential. With 80 percent of our courses offered as degree credit and certificate programs that ladder to degrees, The Chang School gives you many options to choose from to achieve your goal.

Our over 400 online courses are taught by industry professionals who are experts in their field, giving you real world experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

Choose Your Pathway

Man talking on the phone with a laptop in front of him

Career Professionals

If you’re already working but are looking to build on your existing skills and experience.

Woman holding a graduation ceremony cap

College Transfer Students

If you're looking to transfer from a college in Canada to a Direct Entry Degree program.

People sitting at tables in a cafeteria

High School Graduates

If you've graduated from secondary education but but aren't sure what area you want to study or aren't ready for full-time university.

Diverse students working on a computer

International Students

If you’re an international student and are looking to enrol in Canadian university credit courses from a distance that ladder up to a degree.

Two women talking while taking notes on a laptop

Mature Transition Students

If you're 21-years-old or older and have been out of secondary school for two years with no previous post-secondary education experience and experiencing financial barriers.

Two undergraduate students high fiving

Undergraduates From Other Universities

If you’re looking for university credit courses that aren’t offered online at your home university or transfer from another university in Canada.