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Online Learning FAQ

Here are answers to questions about online learning at The Chang School.

If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, connect with us at or 416-979-5035.

Online Enrolment

How do I enrol?
You may enrol in online courses through our website during specified enrolment periods.

Visit Important Dates for enrolment periods.

Visit How to Enrol in a Course for further details.


What is MyServiceHub?

Located at, Toronto Metropolitan University's MyServiceHub is a one-stop shop for everything you need to do online, such as viewing your academic, financial, and personal information.

MyServiceHub is a self-service option that will save you time, allowing you to access your information and options at any time, from anywhere.

You can use MyServiceHub to do the following:

  • enrol in courses
  • add or drop courses
  • register for a certificate program
  • check tuition fee balances
  • update address, email, and other personal information

Visit MyServiceHub Support if you need technical help.

I forgot my password for What do I do?

On, there is a Self Service section that includes a Personal Account option. You can use this section to change your account password, update your personal information, and more. If you are experiencing problems, email or call 416-979-5035.

For more information on managing your password, review Password Changes on the Computing and Communications Services (CCS) website.

Finding Online Courses

How do I find out which courses are offered online?
Use our Course Search tool to find online courses. In the Advanced Search Options, select “Online” as the Instruction Method.

Online Course Credits

Will an online course credit count towards my degree at Toronto Metropolitan University?
Where an online course is equivalent to one of your required courses, you may directly substitute one for the other (for example, CECN 104 is equivalent to ECN 104).

There are some restrictions, however. If you are in any doubt, consult with your faculty, school, or department to be sure that the course you have chosen can be applied to your program before you enrol in the course.

Will a credit count towards degrees at other universities?
To transfer a credit to your home university, you will have to fill out a letter of permission request form at your home university’s registrar’s office. Once approved, your letter of permission is your guarantee that your university will count your online course towards your degree. Visit Undergraduate Students for details and support.

­Is an online course credit equivalent to a classroom credit?
The course credit is the same, whether a student takes the course on campus or online.

What to Expect

Can I complete the course work at my own convenience and pace?
Students enrolled in online courses must follow the course outline, schedule (including start and end dates), and learning modules as developed by the instructor. Students must complete and submit assignments and write tests and exams when scheduled.

What can I expect when I take an online course?
For information on how online courses work, visit our Online Learning Help Portal.

How long do I have to finish my course?
All of our courses have specific start and end dates. Check the course description page for details.

If you are already enrolled in a course, refer to the course schedule in the course outline provided at the start of your course.

When I take an online course, can I sit in on a classroom session of the same course in the same term?
No. Once you have enrolled in an online course, you are not able to attend the classroom session of the same course.

How do I get started in my course?
If you have enrolled in an online course, you will receive an email with instructions at the address your have provided to TMU. This email includes information on getting started in your online course, how to activate your my.torontomu username, and how to obtain your required course materials.

Technical Issues

Why can’t I see my course in D2L Brightspace, even though I have paid my enrolment fees?
You will see your course link in D2L Brightspace on the official course start date. Courses are, however, generally released a few days before the official course start date, so that students can familiarize themselves with the course environment.

Who do I contact if I have a problem or question related to technical or administrative issues?
Contact The Chang School at or 416-979-5035.

Where can I find deadlines for enrolling, transferring, and withdrawing from online courses?
For more information concerning these deadlines, visit Important Dates.

Who do I contact if I have a question related to the academic content of a course?
If you are enrolled in a course and have a question related to the academic content of your course, your grades, or the formats for quizzes/exams, contact your instructor/course lecturer.

If you are not enrolled in a course and have a question about the academic content of a course, contact The Chang School at or 416-979-5035.

Why can’t I access D2L Brightspace for a previous term’s course?
For security and confidentiality purposes, access to your course in D2L Brightspace expires approximately six weeks after the course has ended, usually one week after the final deadline to file a student appeal. Students are advised to retain a copy of any course work they may need to reference in the future and save any necessary communications.

I live more than 100 kilometres away from Toronto Metropolitan University. How do I write my exam?
Review the information on the Exams for Online Courses webpage, specifically information related to Off-Campus Exams.