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Exams for Online Courses

Many of our online courses require exams. Please carefully review your course outline or schedule for the date(s) and required format of your mid-term and final exams.

Online exams are the most common exam format for online courses. Online exams are completed using a computer at a specific date and time determined by your instructor.

Please carefully review your course outline and the Online Exam FAQ below for more information.

Online Exam FAQ

Does every course have a final exam?
No, but many do. Exam information will be provided in your course outline. Contact your instructor if you need further clarification.

What if I have a scheduling conflict with my final exam?
If you are enrolled in more than one course, the final exam for both courses may be scheduled on the same day and time, creating a scheduling conflict. If this is the case, please email us immediately at

What if I become ill or have an emergency during a final exam?
If you become ill or have an unforeseen emergency that prevents you from finishing a final exam, you must notify your instructor immediately. Alternate arrangements can be made at your instructor’s discretion.

What if I am unable to write an exam due to a medical condition?
Academic Consideration Requests (ACR) for extenuating circumstances must be submitted through the ACR online portal and you must contact the relevant course instructor(s). Normally you must submit a Request for Academic Consideration before the exam, or within three business days after if not possible.

See Policy 167 Academic Consideration for details about timelines and documentation required.

Please note: that during the current COVID-19 situation students who miss an assessment due to cold or flu-like symptoms, or due to self-isolation, are currently not required to provide a health certificate. All other illnesses must continue to have health documentation provided.

Are all final exams written at the same time?
Online exams are set up to allow you a “window of opportunity” to access the exam link (this can range anywhere from 15 minutes to several days). It is important to note that the exam link will only be available during this time. If you attempt to begin your online exam after the designated window of opportunity, the link will no longer be available.

Please contact your instructor(s) if you are unsure about your exam schedule.

What if there is a technical problem during an online exam?
You are strongly encouraged to take your course’s sample test before attempting online tests. If you experience technical difficulties during an online exam, email your instructor immediately, advise them of the problem, and submit the exam problem report in your course. Please also email

Are online exams timed?
Online exams are time-logged from the moment you access the exam to the time it is submitted. You are responsible for monitoring your time. Instructors will know exactly how long you took to write the exam and if you stayed within your time allowance (for example, two hours).

Will my final exam be returned to me?
No. It is Toronto Metropolitan University policy that final examinations are not returned to students. If you have any questions about your final grade, please contact your instructor as soon as you receive your grade. If you are unable to reach your instructor, please email or phone 416-979-5035.