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Non-Tuition Related Fees and Service Charges

Fees for all continuing education students include ancillary fees and may also include additional charges:

  • material fees
  • late fee service charges
  • NSF cheques/denied credit card authorization fees

Non-Tuition Related Fees (for courses of 30 hours or more)

Fees on Behalf of Student Groups and Third Parties

Academic Support Fee

A fee of $3.67 per student, per course enrolment, is levied for academic support. The Academic Support fee provides access to academic success and engagement programs, academic conflict mediation/resolution, orientation and transition programs, and support for historically disadvantaged and under-represented groups.

Athletics and Recreation Fee

A fee of $0.50 per student, per course enrolment, is levied in support of athletics and recreation. Chang School students taking non-credit or credit courses of 30 hours or more may obtain a RAC membership while enrolled at Toronto Metropolitan on payment of an optional user fee.

Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) Fee

A fee of $2.80 per student, per course enrolment.

This fee provides membership in the Canadian Federation of Students. The CFS unites over 550,000 students across the country and lobbies local, provincial and federal governments on tuition fees, financial aid and student representation, and coordinates effective campaigns and discounted services.

Career Services Fee

A fee of $3.27 per student, per course enrolment, is levied for career services. The Career Services fee provides students with access to programs, support, resources, and networking opportunities with potential employers, mentors, co-founders, and investors to ensure their career readiness.

Toronto Metropolitan Association of Part-time Students (TMAPS) Fee

A fee of $14.78 per student, per course enrolment.

The Toronto Metropolitan Association of Part-time Students (TMAPS) represents all continuing education, distance education, and part-time degree students and any student taking a Chang School course. This fee supports TMAPS administration, advocacy efforts, member outreach, and emergency grants.

Health and Wellness Fee

A fee of $0.49 per student, per course enrolment, is levied for health and wellness. The Health and Wellness fee provides students with access to medical care, mental health programs or services, and health resources, as well as support to ensure the well-being of underrepresented groups.

Student Buildings Fee

A fee of $3.50 per student, per course enrolment, is levied in support of student buildings. The Student Buildings fee provides students with access to facilities (for example, Toronto Metropolitan Student Centre and Oakham House) for student activities and funding for operations, capital costs, and repairs.

Material Fees

In some courses, a portion of the total course tuition fee includes a material fee for one of the following materials or services:

  • learning materials or clothing retained by the student
  • materials used in the production of items which become the property of the student
  • materials or services when the University acts as a broker with a vendor for the student

Here is a table that shows the material fees for the 2021/22 academic year.

Program Area


Material Fee for 2022/23


Courses in the Certificate in Digital Geography and GIS: CODG 101 / CODG 102 / CODG 123 / CODG 124 / CODG 125 / CODG 126 / CODG 127 / CODG 132 / CODG 133 / CODG 135 / CODG 136 / CODG 210 / CODG 211 / CODG 212 / CODG 213 / CODG 220



All courses (excluding CITM courses)


All CITM courses


Communication and Design

CDFA 840 - Start Your Own Fashion Business


CDFP 320 - Analog Photography


CDFP 392 - Documentary Photography


CDFP 999 - Photography Studies Intensive


CDTH 431 - Make-Up Artistry for Film Video and TV


CDTH 448 - Introduction to Make-Up Techniques for Theatre and Film


CDTH 460 - Costume Painting and Dyeing


CGCM 120 - Graphic Communications Processes 1


CGCM 130 - Design and Layout


CGCM 720 - Magazine Production and Publishing


For the refund policy that applies to these courses, please refer to the Material Fees note under Refunds.

Late Fee Service Charges

There is a late fee service charge of 1.25% per month (16.08% effective annual rate) assessed on any unpaid balance in a student’s account.

NSF Cheques/Denied Credit Card Authorization

Any student who tenders a cheque or uses a Visa, MasterCard, or American Express credit card which is subsequently not honoured by the banking institution will be charged $50 by the ServiceHub. Payment for outstanding fees plus the $50 must be made by certified cheque or money order, payable to Toronto Metropolitan University.

Important Note: All fees are tentative subject to Board Approval.