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OSAP and Government Assistance

Many of our certificate and microcredential programs are approved for government financial assistance through the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP). If you're completing one of these certificates or microcredentials, you may be eligible to receive OSAP.

For a complete list of programs approved for OSAP, visit the "Chang School Certificates" and "Chang School Microcredentials” sections of Student Financial Assistance. For certificates, depending on the number of courses you will take per semester, there are two types of OSAP applications. Learn more by visiting Full-Time OSAP and Part-Time OSAP.

Important Note

To be considered for OSAP funding for OSAP-eligible certificates, you must be taking courses that count toward the certificate graduation requirements. Courses that do not count toward the certificate’s completion cannot be funded through OSAP.

If you enrol in additional courses towards your certificate (courses that are not required for certificate completion), they will not be included in your OSAP course load calculation or assessment. These courses will be fully paid for out of pocket.

The Chang School requires payment at the time of enrollment. You must pay for your courses upfront before applying for OSAP. Paying for your courses upfront does not impact your ability to be considered for OSAP.

Once all of the above has been completed, you may submit an OSAP application and all required documents (outlined on the OSAP portal at the time of application) for consideration. Note that submitting an application to OSAP does not guarantee approval of funding.

For microcredentials, once you have made a selection, you must enrol in and pay for the microcredential upfront. If the microcredential is OSAP eligible, you can then apply for OSAP for microcredentials.

Canada Training Credit (CTC)

The Canada training credit (CTC) is a refundable tax credit that can help you with the cost of eligible training fees (including tuition). Learn more about CTC eligibility requirements, claim amounts, and how to claim this credit.