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Online Courses and Programs

We offer over 400 courses in a online format. Visit our Course Search page for a complete list of online courses.

Online Certificates

Note: Some courses in these online programs may require students to write the mid-term and/or final exam in person. Please refer to the individual course pages for further information. You can also visit the Exams for Online Courses page for details.

Blended Certificates (with online and classroom courses)

If you plan to use Chang School courses for credit in your part-time degree program, it is your responsibility to ensure that the course meets the specific requirements and restrictions of your program. Complete information about part-time degree programs, including admission criteria, promotion standards, and graduation requirements, can be found in the Part-Time Undergraduate Calendar

Note: Please be aware that all courses are not scheduled every academic year; check the individual courses for up-to-date scheduling. Should you have any questions, contact us.

The Early Childhood Studies part-time degree completion program (third and fourth years) is available online, with the exception of a two-week residency on campus in the summer.