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Grade Point Averages (For Certificate Programs Only)

A cumulative grade point average (CGPA) is calculated as an indicator of overall academic performance in a program and is used as a criterion for graduation requirements, academic awards and distinctions, and determining academic standing during study in a program.

A CGPA of at least 1.67 in graded Toronto Metropolitan University courses is required for graduation. TMU will not award a credential to any student whose grade point average is deficient.

Continuing Education Career (CNED) Grade Point Average

The Continuing Education Career (CNED) grade point average includes all courses taken from the term of registration in any Chang School certificate program. The CNED Career GPA is calculated as follows:

Sample Calculation of a Grade Point Average (GPA)

  GPA Letter Grade Converted to Earned Grade Points Products of Earned Grade Points x GPA Weight
Course A 1.00 A- 3.67 3.67 x 1.00 3.67
Course B 1.00 B 3.00 3.00 x 1.00 3.00
Course C 2.00 C+ 2.33 2.33 x 2.00 4.66
Course D 1.00 B+ 3.33 3.33 x 1.00 3.33
Course E 1.00 A- 3.67 3.67 x 1.00 3.67
Sum 6.00       18.33
CGPA         3.06

For purposes of calculating grade point averages, single-term and multi-term courses will be given weights of 1.00 and 2.00 respectively, with provision for variation from this norm under exceptional circumstances. The following course performance designations are not included in calculating the grade point average: AEG, AUD, CHG, CNC, CRT, DEF, FLD, GNR, INC, INP, and PSD.

The designation FS (Failure-Supplementary) is counted as an interim failure and included in the grade point average at zero grade points until a final grade is assigned.

The designation FNA (Failure, Non-Attendance) is included in the grade point average at zero grade points and counts as failure.

The grade earned for a repeated course is substituted for the previous grade in calculating subsequent grade point averages, even if the later grade is lower; both attempts are recorded on the transcript. No course can be repeated more than twice. If at least one of the course attempts results in a passing grade, the course will count towards graduation curriculum requirements irrespective of the sequence of grades earned.

The CNED CGPA is calculated at the end of each academic term for which additional course grades have been recorded on the student’s transcript.

Inclusion/Exclusion of Courses in GPA

If a course is taken that is not part of the certificate program, and the student does not wish it to be included in the GPA, he/she must request permission to have this course excluded from the GPA calculation by completing a GPA Adjustment Request Form. The GPA Adjustment Request Form must be completed within the established deadlines for the term.

  • Visit GPA Calculation to access the form and for further information on GPA adjustments.
  • Review Toronto Metropolitan University's Significant Dates for deadlines.

Degree program students who are also pursuing a Chang School certificate may cross credit from the degree up to only one-half of the number of courses required in the certificate. These cross-credited courses will be used for the certificate’s graduation requirements, but will not be included in the CNED CGPA. The remaining courses in the certificate must be taken as a certificate student registered in The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education in addition to degree studies.

Note: Carefully check your grades each term to ensure that they meet the minimum CGPA of 1.67 for graduation requirements.

If your CGPA falls below this level, you will be ineligible to graduate. If this occurs, immediately contact the appropriate Chang School program director or academic coordinator for academic guidance.

Graduation Grade Point Average

For CNED Career students registered in a Chang School certificate, the CGPA calculation for graduation purposes is based on the courses necessary to satisfy the certificate’s curriculum requirements.

For Undergraduate (UGRD) Career students registered in a Chang School Certificate, the CGPA calculation for graduation purposes is based on the courses necessary to satisfy the certificate’s curriculum requirements, where 50 percent of these certificate courses must be taken via CNED Career registration.

A CGPA for graduation in a certificate program will be calculated to determine eligibility for graduation and will be based on grades in all courses applicable to satisfy the curriculum requirements of the certificate.


Visit Grades for information about final grades and the grading system.

Grade Appeals

Visit Grade Appeals for information about how to appeal a grade.