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College Transfer Students

The Chang School welcomes college students from other colleges in Canada. If you're looking to transfer from college to a Toronto Metropolitan University Direct Entry Degree Program, see Degree Options below. 

Degree Options

Toronto Metropolitan University offers degree programs that specifically offer direct entry and/or degree completion options for students who have completed a diploma from a college in Canada in a related field.

Direct Entry/Degree Completion Programs

Business Management (BComm)
Business Technology Management (BComm)
Child and Youth Care (BA)
Early Childhood Studies (BA)
Health Administration (BHA)
Nursing (BScN) Post Diploma
Social Work (BSW)

Degree Credit Courses

How to Tell If a Course Is Degree Credit

When using our Course Search tool, be sure to select “Degree Credit” or “Certificate and Degree Credit” in the Course Category dropdown menu.

Each course description page lists the Credit Type under the course title. Look for courses that say Degree Credit or Certificate and Degree Credit.

Course Codes

Chang School course codes are the same as those listed in your Toronto Metropolitan undergraduate program curriculum, with a ‘C’ added in front of the undergraduate course code.

For example, Toronto Metropolitan University’s ACC 100 – Introductory Financial Accounting is CACC 100 – Introductory Financial Accounting when taken through The Chang School.

For more information, visit How to Enrol in a Course.

Note: Not all Chang School courses are accepted for credit towards their Toronto Metropolitan counterparts. Please follow up with the appropriate faculty for more information.

Admission Requirements

Taking an online course or certificate program does not guarantee your admission to a Toronto Metropolitan undergraduate degree program. Learn more about Admission Requirements.

Note: Each program maintains specific requirements for entry. Please refer to your program of choice to review the requirements.

For more information, visit Curriculum Advising.

See Important Dates for enrolment deadlines for each term.

For any questions related to admissions, please refer to the Service Hub.

Contact Us

Need more information? Contact our Academic Advisor, Dave Dalrymple at or sign up for a virtual drop-in session. Sessions will take place from 12:00 p.m.-1:00 p.m. every Thursday.

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