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What’s the Difference Between Online and Virtualized Learning?

In the world of distance education, there are plenty of unique ways to learn.

The Chang School offers two different formats for distance learning – virtualized and online. For both formats, students have access to D2L Brightspace, TMU’s remote-learning portal. While both ways of learning are effective, they offer key differences in how you’ll interact with your course materials, instructors, and other students.

Virtualized and Online Learning at a Glance

Need a reminder about the distinctions between these two different types of learning? Check out our quick reference guide below.

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How Do I Know Whether a Course is Virtualized or Online?

On The Chang School's website, if the course you select is offered through virtualized learning, you will see the days and times posted when you are required to be online. If your course is offered through online learning, you will only see the start and end dates of the course posted, and it will be up to you when you choose to be online.

Find out which virtualized or online course is right for you.