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The Chang School
Strategic Priorities
2023 - 2026


To transform educational opportunities for career-focused adult learners across Canada and internationally by clearly responding to their needs and preferences along with those of employers who seek a skilled, socially progressive workforce.


To respond to the needs of career-focused adult learners across Canada and internationally by providing programs, services and engagement that strengthens their ability to reach their goals in a socially progressive innovation economy.

External Priorities

  1. Develop and offer programming that career- focused adult learners require for advancement through consultation and engagement with learners, employers and university partners.
  2. Extend and adapt programming and instructional approaches in support of reaching and expanding the School’s offerings to international markets.
  3. Enhance the effectiveness and availability of access and community engagement programming with thoughtful attention to equity, diversity and community inclusion.
  4. Reimagine and implement services and supports offered to career-focused adult learners to reflect their needs and preferences.
  5. Identify and implement engagement opportunities that reflect the needs of prospective and current adult learners as well as external stakeholders.

Internal Priorities

  1. Provide staff and instructors with professional development opportunities and resources that support their career progression and job satisfaction.
  2. Actively promote equity and diversity initiatives for staff, with special attention to advancing inclusion and wellness.
  3. Utilize data-driven decision making to monitor and accelerate the School’s progress on meeting operational and strategic priorities.