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The Chang School
Strategic Priorities
2021 - 2023


To transform university continuing education in Canada by profoundly enhancing its ability to support continuous learners and a socially progressive innovation economy.


To respond to the needs of continuous learners across Canada and internationally by providing programs and support services that strengthen their ability to integrate into a socially progressive innovation economy.

External Priorities

  1. Grow footprint and impact of online learning offerings for continuous learners.
  2. Engage with external stakeholders to ensure programming is responsive to current and future workforce needs.
  3. Enhance the effectiveness and number of access and community engagement initiatives, with thoughtful attention to collaboration with Indigenous voices.
  4. Enhance the services and supports offered to continuous learners to reflect their needs and preferences.

Internal Priorities

  1. Enhance ability to collect and analyze relevant data to inform decision making and to monitor progress on strategic initiatives.
  2. Ensure all operational areas of the School have continuous improvement plans that are measurable and reflective of the School’s strategic priorities.
  3. Provide staff with professional and educational opportunities that lead to career growth and satisfaction.
  4. Take specific actions to promote a collegial and respectful workplace with a special emphasis on equity and community inclusion initiatives.