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Certificate Programs FAQ

What is a certificate program?

Certificate programs consist of four (4) to ten (10) single-term courses that provide post-secondary-level studies in specific career-related areas. To graduate from a certificate program you must register and successfully complete all program requirements.

Want to register for a certificate program? Visit our How to Register for a Certificate Program page.


When and how do I register in a certificate program?

If you choose not to register in the certificate before you enrol in your first course, please note that all applicable certificate courses taken prior to registration will be counted towards your graduation requirements; however, they will not be included in the calculation of your cumulative GPA (grade point average).

Visit How to Register for a Certificate Program for step-by-step instructions, and Certificate Registration for registration policies.

Visit Important Dates for Registration Application deadlines.

What are the admissions criteria for certificate programs?

Admission criteria varies by certificate program. Check the “Admissions Criteria” section of each certificate page for specific details.

How do I know which curriculum to follow?

If you are registered in a certificate program, you must complete the curricula published online at the time you registered in the certificate. Prior to registration, this can be found on the certificate page in “Certificate Requirements”.

It is recommended that you keep a list of the certificate requirements of your program study. Curriculum may change, in which case requirements must be completed by way of Course Substitution/Directive.

How do I withdraw from a certificate program?

Students are required to complete and submit a Certificate Program Withdrawal Form available on our Forms and Documents page. Withdrawing from a course does not withdraw you from a certificate program. Please note that withdrawing from a certificate program does not drop you from your enrolled courses. You must officially drop your courses online according to Ryerson’s official deadline dates (refer to Important Dates).

Need help? Connect with a client service advisor at

Are there any time limits for completing a certificate program?

Yes. To graduate, you must successfully complete, within your official timespan, the published certificate curricula from the year you registered in the program.

Your official timespan is the number of required single-term courses (or equivalent) divided by 2, plus one year. The timespan you have to complete the certificate will vary depending on the number of courses that must be completed in order to satisfy the graduation requirements of the certificate.

Can I register in more than one certificate program at the same time?

No. You can only be registered in one certificate program at a time.

Can I register in a certificate and a degree at the same time?

Yes. However, all continuing education certificate courses in which you have enrolled will be counted in your Continuing Education Career GPA and subsequently your certificate GPA. If these courses are part of your degree requirements they will apply towards your Undergraduate program requirements, but not your Undergraduate Career GPA.

Some certificates are restricted for certain undergraduate programs. Refer to Curriculum Advising for a restriction listing if you are also in an undergraduate program

Can I register in a certificate that is restricted to my undergraduate degree program?

No. You may, however, register if the certificate is restricted to an undergraduate degree program from which you have already graduated. Refer to Curriculum Advising for complete details.

Can I continue my certificate program studies if I have been admitted to an undergraduate degree program?

Yes. In many cases, students will be allowed to continue their certificate studies. However, in the event that the certificate is restricted to your undergraduate degree program, you will automatically be withdrawn from the certificate program and notified accordingly.

Can I use any credits earned in a Ryerson degree program and/or another accredited post-secondary institution toward a certificate program?

Yes. However 50 percent of the courses used to meet certificate graduation requirements must be completed in your Continuing Education Career (CNED).

For Ryerson degree programs: Some certificates may be restricted to students in the undergraduate program. Refer to Curriculum Advising for complete details.

Undergraduate students may access continuing education courses by ‘cross-enrolling’ within their Undergraduate URDG career. These courses will be included in the student’s Undergraduate GPA.

For other accredited post-secondary institutions: Visit Ryerson’s Transfer Credits page for detailed transfer credit application instructions for Chang School students.

Are Transfer Credits included in my grade point average?

No. They are recorded on your academic record as CRT (credit). Transfer Credits will not be used in the calculation of your Cumulative GPA. Visit Grade Point Averages for more information.

Since I registered in my certificate program, the number of courses required to graduate has changed. Can I transfer to the new curriculum?

This varies depending on the certificate program. Contact our client services advisor at to discuss your options.

How do I transfer from one Chang School certificate program to another?

You can transfer to another certificate program online in your RAMSS Student Centre by clicking “Chang Certificate Reg/Trnsfr”. There is no fee to apply.

Do I need a minimum GPA to graduate?

Yes. A CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) of 1.67 or higher is required to graduate from a certificate program. Visit Grade Point Averages for information about GPAs at The Chang School.