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Catch Up on Information Sessions From Our Exploration Weeks

September 23, 2022


If you missed any of our virtual Information Sessions this summer or wanted to learn more about some of our certificate programs, now is the time to catch up. Below are links to our YouTube channel for each of the Information Sessions, where you can watch the informative discussions amongst industry professionals and Chang School instructors, who are experts in their own right, on topics related to the certificate programs offered by The Chang School.

As always, if you have any questions, you can get in touch with our Client Services team at or 416-979-5035, who will be happy to direct your query to the appropriate person.

Accounting Certificate Series

Earning your Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation is not only like a passport to go anywhere you want in the world but also to work in any industry. Join Dr. Oliver Okafor, Associate Professor, Accounting at the School of Accounting and Finance, Ted Rogers School of Management, and Accounting Coordinator for the Accounting Certificate Series, along with instructors Larry Yarmolinsky, Else Grech and Matthew Roman, as they discuss the benefits of getting your CPA and how the Accounting Certificate Series can help you work towards achieving this goal.


Architecture and Advanced Architecture 

Watch Siamak Shahbahang, Senior Manager for Retail Design and Store Planning at Walmart Canada, as he discusses when he first came to Canada 23 years ago and how the Certificate in Architecture at The Chang School helped him with understanding Canadian design, material methods, and work processes. Yew-Thong Leong, Academic Coordinator for Architecture at The Chang School, also discusses industry trends, careers, and other useful information about the architecture program.


Community Engagement, Leadership, and Development

In this video, Sheila Wilmot, Instructor for the Certificate in Community Engagement, Leadership, and Development, discusses how certain groups of people have been disproportionately and negatively affected by the pandemic with Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour, as well as Black, Indigenous Women of Colour, more likely to be engaged in precarious work for low pay. Sherry Yuan Hunter, Program Director for Community Services at The Chang School, also discusses trends and emerging jobs in this sector as well as details on the curriculum in the Certificate in Community Engagement, Leadership, and Development.


Full Stack Developer, Cybersecurity, Data Protection, Digital Forensics, Data Analytics, Big Data, and Predictive Analytics, STEM

Data is everywhere and we’re living in an increasingly data-driven world. Watch Ceni Babaoglu, Assistant Program Director for Data Science, Tamer Abdou, Assistant Program Director for Data Science and Anne-Marie Soucy Brinsmead, Program Director for Engineering, Arts and Science, discuss the above certificate programs and how they can prepare you for a science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) career.


Fundraising and Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Management 

Two and a half million people in Canada are employed in the nonprofit sector that range from small, volunteer-led organizations to very large ones like Toronto Metropolitan University. In this video, Carol Arundel, Academic Coordinator for the Certificate in Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Management and Krishan Mehta, Academic Coordinator for the Certificate in Fundraising Management discuss what you’ll learn in both certificates, what type of career you can expect after graduation, and trends in the industry.


Occupational Health and Safety 

While frontline healthcare workers were undoubtedly some of the biggest heroes of the pandemic, you might not have heard of how health and safety people were working in the background assisting in protecting these workers with the countless hazards (some unprecedented) that they faced on a daily basis. In this video, Chun-Yip Hon, Academic Coordinator for the Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety discusses what you will learn in this certificate as well as some career outcomes and industry trends.


Project Management 

Hear from a graduate of the Certificate in Project Management, Laura Kemp, as she describes her role at Teranet, which operates Ontario’s land data registry that is sold commercially, and how she uses the skills she learned in the certificate on a daily basis. John A. Estrella, PhD, CMC, PMP, Academic Coordinator for the Certificate in Project Management also discusses what you will learn in the certificate, industry and careers, as well as trends. 


Public Relations 


Hear from Kelly Wighton, a graduate of the Certificate in Public Relations, who talks about her current role as Senior Account Executive with strategic communications agency Edelman Canada and how the certificate helped prepare her for that role. Andrea Tavchar, Academic Coordinator for the Certificate in Public Relations discusses skillsets learned in the curriculum, what careers you can expect to go into after graduating, and key industry trends in PR.



Hear from Karen Silva, a graduate of the Certificate in Publishing and an industry professional who is currently working at Simon and Schuster Canada, on how the certificate helped her hone her editing skills that come into play as Assistant Editor. Meg Tayler, Academic Coordinator for the Certificate in Publishing also weighs in on how the certificate helps you prepare for a career in publishing as well as some other useful information.


Psychology and Mental Health and Addictions 

Dr. Maureen Reed, Academic Coordinator for the Certificate in Psychology, discusses both the Psychology and Mental Health and Addictions certificates offered by The Chang School in this video. Dr. Reed explains how the Certificate in Psychology is a stepping stone to the field of psychology and provides a background for other careers such as human resources and marketing while the Certificate in Mental Health and Addictions is a more focused program to help students better understand clients and institutions that offer these types of services.