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Project Management for Non-Project Managers



To make a project successful, there are key elements that need to be understood — from managing project costs to developing a project plan to identifying stakeholders. If you have the skills to navigate these common pitfalls, you can show to employers that you’re able to deliver projects that are on budget, managed properly, and hold people accountable. You don’t need to be a certified project manager to achieve project success.

Do you want to be recognized for your expertise in project management more broadly? The project management microcredentials below can be completed in any order. While each microcredential comes with its own digital credential, if you earn all five microcredentials, you will walk away with a Microcertificate in Project Management for Non-Project Managers. This larger accomplishment signifies your comprehensive knowledge and commitment to this subject.


Available Microcredentials

How to Earn a Microcertificate

Complete all five microcredentials to earn a Microcertificate in Project Management for Non-Project Managers. Demonstrate your mastery in this subject by earning them all.