Occupational Health and Safety Certificates

Help create safe workplaces with an OHS certificate


Did you know that, according to the Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (BCRSP), the median salary for occupational health and safety professionals in Canada is $80,000, and more than half of certified professionals earn above $100,000 a year? Occupational health and safety professionals are highly sought after in the job market right now – and you could become one of them in as little as one year.  

The Chang School is proud to offer three occupational health and safety programs to help you get the occupational health and safety job of your dreams, no matter what sector you’re interested in. They are:

Building your career in Occupational Health and Safety

Earning one or more of our health and safety certificates can help you increase your earning potential, and enhance your employability, mobility, and professional credibility, according to the BCRSP. The Chang School offers one of the top certificate programs in Ontario that meet the educational requirements for the Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CSRP) certification. 

You can write BCRSP’s Canadian Registered Safety Technician (CRST) exam after completing the Occupational Health and Safety certificate. If you continue on and complete both the Advanced Safety Management and Occupational Health and Safety Leadership certificates, you can challenge the BCRSP exam to obtain the CRSP certification.  

The Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety is an online program with in-person exams, while the Certificate in Advanced Safety Management and Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety Leadership are completed online.  

All three health and safety certificate programs are designed and taught by health and safety specialists, so you’ll have the up-to-date skills and knowledge you’ll need to tackle a wide variety of real-world occupational health and safety challenges.

Admission Criteria

Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety:

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent
    • With six Grade 12 U or M credits


  • Mature student status

Certificate in Advanced Safety Management and Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety Leadership:


  • Mature student status and at least three years of professional experience in occupational health and safety.

Financial Support

Awards and Bursaries
The Chang School offers both merit-based awards and need-based financial aid.

Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)
These certificates are OSAP-eligible. To learn more, visit the Student Financial Assistance website.


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