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Networking Event: Connecting Community and Building Bridges

  • The in-person event was well attended by prospective and current learners as well as staff and alumni.
  • Panelists (left to right): Junie Facey, Sheena Sheridan, and Krista Slade. Moderated by Sherry Yuan Hunter.
  • The in-person event took place on campus at the Peter Bronfman Learning Centre.
  • The audience had the opportunity to ask the panelists questions, which made for a lively discussion.
  • Afterwards, people were able to network with one another and make connections.
  • As always with Chang School events – free swag for in-person attendees!

The event featured a panel of professionals in the charitable and nonprofit sectors who spoke about their career journeys and their steps to get to where they are in the sector. Panelists included Junie Facey, Sheena Sheridan, and Krista Slade.

The primary goal of this event was to facilitate networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration among professionals This was also an opportunity to showcase the Certificates in Fundraising, Community Engagement, Leadership and Development, and Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Management offered by The Chang School.

The event was open to all prospective and current students, staff, and alumni. Following the conversation, there was time for networking opportunities between attendees, professionals in the sector, and program instructors.

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