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Develop a rewarding career with our Full Stack Developer certificate

If you’re looking for an industry bursting with high-salary opportunities, tech is it. Everyone needs full stack developers – and there’s a major talent shortage. The Chang School offers a Certificate in Full Stack Developer that will give you the technical skills you need to excel in this fast-growing field. What's even better? You can take our full stack developer courses online, and you can finish the certificate in a year or less.

Our full stack developer courses offer a ton of hands-on, practical experience to set you up for success in this booming industry. There are no prerequisites for any of the courses, so you can get started right away and take the courses in any order.

You’ll learn how to do front-end development and production, crafting responsive web pages with full-stack tools like Unix Shell and Github. We train you in back-end development, deployment and analysis, showing you how to create and query dynamic databases using SQL and Python. Middleware and beta testing are covered in our full stack development courses, too, and you’ll also boost your soft skills with training in Agile and hybrid project management, presentation skills, and stakeholder collaboration.

Another way our full stack developer training stands out: our commitment to mentorship and peer support. We offer virtual mentor services, providing a virtual mentor for one-on-one Zoom meetings and email consultations about full stack course assignments, final projects and career advice. You can also tap into our employer network on LinkedIn – where professional developers offer career and networking support. Employers will also be present for your final course presentations to evaluate your work and to provide real-world feedback.

Let’s start developing your full-stack career today.


Short on time but still looking to upgrade your technical skills? We also offer a Course Series in Full Stack Developer. This allows you to apply your completed courses towards a certificate in the future.

Who should take this Full Stack Developer certificate?

  • You want to become a coder, or web or software developer
  • You’d like to upskill and require new technical skills to stay current in your job
  • You’re a newcomer looking for Canadian credentials
  • You’re an employer who needs to upskill your staff in full-stack cloud-developer coding and scripting capacities
  • You’re returning to the workforce or preparing to switch careers and require a university credential and specialized skills

What will you learn while taking the Full Stack Developer certificate?

You’ll learn how to:

  • Construct fully functional websites and mobile applications from end to end, using various languages and tools
  • Manage front-end development and production, creating and customizing responsive web pages using a variety of languages (like SQL and JavaScript) and tools (like Git, GitHub, and Unix Shell)
  • Manage back-end development and deployment, designing a dynamic database and data store for data retrieval using SQL
  • Effectively leverage middleware to achieve web development project goals, architecting the middleware in Python with support libraries like Flask from Pallets Project
  • Deploy beta testing for full-stack website-related product improvement, leveraging tools, libraries, apps and various software to perform a number of tiered, technical activities required
  • Build user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) interactions across front-end, middleware and back-end structures
  • Master front-end, middleware and back-end development to produce and deploy digital artwork and media objects for multi-device compatible websites
  • Deploy Agile project management processes and functions
  • Master written and visual presentation skills to communicate ideas and recommendations to internal and external stakeholders

What career support is available for you?

During your certificate, we offer extensive career help, including:

  • Virtual mentor services
  • Alumni networking
  • Synchronous weekly online sessions
  • Educator support
  • Tutoring services
  • Career discussion forums


Career Options

This certificate can prepare you for jobs like:

  • App developer
  • Website developer
  • Web services developer
  • Full stack, Python full stack, and web full stack developer
  • Front-end or back-end developer (Python and JavaScript)
  • Computer applications manager
  • Python, SQL, and Java and JavaScript programmer
  • Digital product manager or developer
  • Web applications programmer
  • Product developer

Certificate Requirements

  • 4 required courses
  • Cumulative grade point average (GPA) 1.67+

Admission Criteria


  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent


  • Mature-student status


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