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Accelerate or start your career in full stack development and get noticed by employers. The Canadian labour force is experiencing a shortage of tech talent at the same time that employers are in immediate need of them.* Between 2022 and 2028, the expected number of job openings for full stack developers alone — not including associated developer roles — is almost 11,000.** Our fully online, flexible Course Series in Full Stack Developer that can be completed in a single term is a fast track route for aspiring developers to sharpen their technical and data analysis skills to be competitive in the job market.

If you have more time and are looking for professional development skills, like project management and professional communication, both of which are critical to career advancement, then the Certificate in Full Stack Developer might be an option for you. You will be able to apply the completed courses in the course series towards the certificate.

Career-Ready Support Offered

While enrolled in the Course Series in Full Stack Developer, you will receive a variety of support, including:

  • Virtual mentor services: the virtual mentor is available free of charge while taking courses for 1-on-1 Zoom meetings and for consultations by email about the coursework, assignments, final projects, and for career advising.
  • Employer networking support: participating employers will provide informal career and networking support through LinkedIn.
  • Career support: full stack developer job search and career advising sessions will be offered throughout your courses.

Industry and Careers

This course series can lead to career paths in roles such as:

  • Consultant (finance, healthcare, government, IT, among other industries)
  • Full stack developer
  • Start up and small-to-medium business owner/manager
  • Web apps developer
  • Website developer
  • Web services developer

Who Should Take This Course Series?

  • Individuals looking to make a career pivot by adding specialized skill sets for moving up in their careers
  • High school diploma holders and university and college undergraduate degree recipients
  • New Canadians looking for Canadian credentials to help them enter the job market
  • Employers in small, medium and large sized businesses who need to send their staff to upskill in full stack cloud developer coding and scripting capacities in potential candidates

This course series is also applicable to working professionals who are:

  • Aspiring coders, web, and software developers
  • Looking to upskill and require new technical skills to stay current in their jobs
  • Working in a career that requires a computer science or STEM university-level credential
  • Returning to the workforce or preparing to switch careers and need a university credential to demonstrate readiness for today’s technical professional roles in a range of fields

What Will You Learn?

After completing this course series, you will be able to do the following:

  • Construct fully functional websites and mobile applications, from end-to-end, by using various languages and tools
  • Front-end development and production: create and customize responsive web pages using a variety of languages (SQL, JavaScript) and full stack developers' tools (Git, GitHub, Unix Shell)
  • Back-end development and deployment: design a dynamic database/data store for retrieval of data using SQL and embed SQL statements in Python code that is supporting the middleware.
  • Effectively leverage middleware to achieve web development project goals: architect the middleware in Python with support libraries, such as Flask from Pallets Project
  • Perform Beta testing for full stack website related product improvement: leverage tools, libraries, apps and various software to perform a number of tiered, technical activities required to deliver a polished end-to-end website or mobile application

Course Series Requirements

  • 2 required courses
  • Cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 1.67+

The two-course series is flexible in that no courses have prerequisites; continuous learners may take the courses in any order and in combination, or “fast track” their learning by taking all two courses concurrently in the same semester.

Those who successfully complete this course series are eligible to earn a Professional Development Award from The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education. Once you have successfully completed the courses, submit the Request for Professional Development Award (PDA) form with your name, student number, and the course series you have completed. Upon verification, you will receive your professional development award within 4 to 6 weeks.

Admission Criteria


  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent


  • Mature student status

Awards and Financial Aid

Awards and Bursaries
If you require financial assistance, you may apply for The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education Tuition Fee Bursary.

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**Government of Canada

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