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Create more sustainable landscapes with a Landscape Design for Climate Resilience certificate

The landscape industry is rapidly prioritizing much-needed climate resilience, and The Chang School Certificate in Landscape Design for Climate Resilience will help you learn how to create these sustainable landscape design projects and grow your landscape planning expertise for a growing field.

There are plenty of exciting job opportunities across a variety of sectors. In the private sector, you can get landscape designer roles in international and national construction and condominium companies, and landscaping businesses of all sizes. Certification can also help you gain public-sector employment in government departments at the federal, provincial, state, municipal and local levels, along with non-profit nature conservancy agencies.

Complete your landscaping courses online and learn how to handle landscape design challenges with real-life solutions that are resilient, ecologically based, and socially inclusive. Our landscape design courses give you comprehensive knowledge and skills in building resilience into landscape design and management, as well as how to incorporate ecologically-based plant knowledge and use digital design software. Want to get a head-start on your industry networking? The certificate automatically gives you membership with Landscape Ontario.

This landscaping program fulfills the educational requirements to enter the Certified Landscape Designer (CLD) accreditation program offered by the Canadian Nursery and Landscape Association through provincial landscape industry organizations, along with the essential knowledge, skill, and competencies required for entry to the professional certification program provided by U.S. state landscape industry associations.

Plant the seed for a fulfilling career today.

Meet Our Learners
Photograph of Tullia Marcolongo
More and more employers and clients are looking for professionals with expertise in creating resilient landscapes. The certificate gave me the knowledge and confidence to start my career in the field. Its focus on ecology and addressing the climate emergency through effective design provides an important and timely advantage.
— Tullia Marcolongo

Who should take this Landscape Design for Climate Resilience certificate?

  • You want to gain the core educational requirements needed to become a CLD through provincial and U.S. state landscape industry organizations
  • You have a non-landscape undergraduate degree and want to use this program as a stepping-stone to a master’s program in landscape architecture
  • You’re an architect, interior designer, or other environmental design professional who’s interested in expanding the scope of your professional work
  • You’re an off-shore accredited landscape architect looking to gain Canadian landscape knowledge

What will you learn while taking the Landscape Design for Climate Resilience certificate?

You’ll learn how to:

  • Assess and use digital design software, such as SketchUp Suite and LayOut, REVIT, DynaScape, Vectorworks, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Autodesk Civil 3D, to produce different types of landscape drawings, including functional diagrams, concept drawings, master plans, detailed design development, and working drawings
  • Incorporate plant ecology knowledge into the development of planting design for climate resilience
  • Develop grading and drainage designs to address runoff on urban sites related to climate change
  • Generate landscape implementation and management strategies to enhance landscape resilience and sustainability
  • Produce societally inclusive and resilient landscapes by integrating cultural and ecological landscape restoration techniques
  • Enhance landscape inclusivity by integrating Indigenous teachings and perspectives into landscape design

Career Options

This certificate can prepare you for jobs like:

  • Industrial commercial landscape architectural technologist
  • Landscape designer
  • Landscape sustainability manager
  • Landscape technician
  • Landscaper
  • Landscaping supervisor
  • Nursery and grounds coordinator

Certificate Requirements

  • 3 required courses
  • 1 elective
  • Cumulative grade point average (GPA) 1.67+

Admission Criteria


  • A post-secondary undergraduate education (university or college) in a relevant field of study (including programs related to architecture and/or environmental sciences)


  • Mature student status with relevant work experience

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between this certificate and other programs in landscape technology and horticulture and garden design?

This certificate provides instruction in the comprehensive design of landscapes, not just gardens. It is also concerned with the development of optimal solutions to how landscapes are to be used, rather than the practical physical skills of constructing or maintaining a landscape design.

Is there a single course I can take that will teach me what I need to practice landscape design?

You are welcome to take a single course. However, none of the courses are designed to be a one-stop approach to landscape design. The content and sequence of the courses have been designed to progressively build knowledge and skills in important areas of landscape design, as well as landscape design as a whole.


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