In today’s rapidly evolving digital economy, individual privacy and the security of personal information have never been more important. High-profile breaches, heightened surveillance, increased access to data – these all present new and serious challenges for organizations and contribute to an increased demand for skilled privacy professionals. Our Certificate in Privacy, Access, and Information Management prepares you to address the complexity of these issues. This certificate will help you acquire the knowledge and expertise needed to gain employment in this in-demand career specialization.

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Industry and Careers
This certificate can lead to career paths in roles such as:

  • Privacy officer
  • Privacy analyst
  • Information and records management specialist
  • Data and trust officer
  • Information privacy technologist
  • Freedom of information coordinator
  • Privacy and compliance manager
  • Access to information analyst

Who Should Take This Certificate?

  • Recent degree graduates looking for an in-demand career specialization.
  • Working professionals who want to pivot into a privacy-based role within an existing organization or change careers and go into privacy, but do not have the qualifications.
  • Professionals who have recently been hired to work on privacy and access issues and who need training.

What Will You Learn?

In this certificate program, you will learn how to:

  • Leverage technology as the driving force for future policy issues
  • Plan and schedule the project in a group setting using the critical path method (CPM)
  • Identify, plan, and manage project risk and quality using analytical tools and methods
  • Implement financial controls to accounting, budgeting, and cost management systems
  • Organize self-managing teams to build products in agile and mobile project environments

Certificate Requirements

  • 4 required courses
  • 2 electives
  • Cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 1.67+

Admission Criteria    


  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent
    • With 6 Grade 12 U or M credits (including English)
    • With a minimum average of 60 percent


  • Mature student status

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will prerequisites affect the order in which I take courses in the certificate?

The following table shows the current prerequisite(s) for each course. However, some of these prerequisites may be waived for continuing education students. Please see the note at the bottom of the table.

Course Prerequisite(s)
Required (four)
CLAW 401 - Information Access and Privacy Protection CLAW 122*
CZIT 427 - Data and Info. Mgmt for Privacy None
CZLW 327 - Privacy by Design None
CZLW 527 - Applying Privacy and Access

This capstone course can only be taken after students have successfully completed their first five courses in the Privacy, Access, and Information Management certificate (CLAW410, CZIT427, CALW327, 2 Electives). Students must request department consent by emailing for permission to enroll in this course.

Electives (choose two)
CDPR 100 - Public Relations Principles None
CHIM 305 - Introduction to Health Informatics None
CITM 301 - IT Infrastructure CITM 207*
CITM 820 - Information Systems Security and Privacy CITM 301*
CLAW 122 - Business Law None
CLAW 402 - Health Information Access and Privacy CLAW 122*
CMHR 405 - Organizational Behaviour None
CMHR 650 - Management of Change CMHR 405 or CHRH 601
CPPA 403 - e-Government CPPA 102 or CPOG 100* or CPPA 422

*Note: The prerequisites for CLAW 401, CLAW 402, CITM 301, and CPPA 403 may be waived for continuing education certificate students with permission of the Academic Coordinator for the course.

Please contact Client Services at for information about waiving prerequisites.

*CZLW 527: This course is currently offered in the Winter semester only. 

Which electives should I take?

We recommend that you start with the following required courses: CZLW 327, CLAW 401, and CZIT 427. You will then have a good idea of which two electives best match your professional goals.

Please note any prerequisites and whether or not the prerequisite can be waived. For example, if you want to take CITM 820, you would request a waiver for CITM 207 (the prerequisite for CITM 301) and then your electives to complete the certificate would be CITM 301, the required prerequisite, and CITM 820.

What is the difference between CLAW 401 and CLAW 402?

CLAW 401 is a required course in the certificate program; it is focused on giving you a general understanding of policy in this area. CLAW 402 is an elective course; it focuses on the health system.

If you are planning to work in the health system, you could take both courses, or you may substitute CLAW 402 for CLAW 401. For a course substitution form, contact Client Services at

Who Teaches the Courses?

The Certificate in Privacy, Access, and Information Management offers instruction by privacy experts with unparalleled work experience, including:

  • Dr. Ann Cavoukian, Former Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario
  • Anita Fineberg, LLB, CIPP/C, Barrister & Solicitor and President of Anita Fineberg & Associates Inc.
  • Howard Simkevitz, General Counsel and Privacy Officer at Ontario Institute for Cancer Research

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