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Rise to the top of the film industry with a Film Studies certificate

Want to pursue a career in film, television, or digital content development? A Certificate in Film Studies from The Chang School can help you score a dream job making amazing movies, TV, and online content. This certificate is an excellent starting point if you want to pursue a career in film and video production, or upgrade your skills and knowledge if you have some experience but no formal training.

We offer hands-on filmmaking experience, along with filmmaking courses in key areas like lighting design; directing screen performance; film and digital production methods and techniques; fundamentals of directing, editing, shooting and producing; production design; screenwriting; and sound design, location and post audio production techniques. We also provide key knowledge about the business of developing, producing, and marketing films. Want to start shooting? The certificate includes cinematography courses as well.

All of your coursework will help you start building your professional portfolio so you’ll be well-prepared to start your search for roles in Canada’s multi-billion dollar film industry. You can start building your network while completing your certificate as well: all our instructors are professionals working in the industry, so they’re able to teach all the latest technology and techniques, too.

Most of the certificate can be completed online, making it easy to schedule your coursework within your busy schedule. Plus, you can complete it in as little as one-and-a-half years, so you can start going after those dream jobs as soon as possible.

We’re here to support you on your filmmaking journey, every step of the way.

Meet Our Learners

Who should take this Film Studies certificate?

  • You work in the film industry and want to improve your qualifications
  • You’re new to the industry and want to better understand all aspects of production
  • You work in other fields and want to make a career change to enter the film industry or develop content
  • You work in allied fields and want to develop film production and screen media
  • You have a related education in theory, history, and criticism of film and want to make films or develop screen media production

What will you learn while taking the Film Studies certificate?

You’ll learn how to:

  • Master the fundamentals of directing and producing; screenwriting; picture and sound recording and editing; and film and digital production methods and techniques
  • Understand the business of developing, producing, and marketing films

Certificate Requirements

  • 8 required courses
  • 2 electives
  • Cumulative grade point average (GPA) 1.67+

Admission Criteria


  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent
    • With 6 Grade 12 U or M credits
    • With a minimum average of 60 percent


  • Mature student status with relevant professional experience

If you’re an undergraduate student, you should be aware of possible certificate restrictions. For complete details, check Curriculum Advising.


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