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Build a solid foundation in the principles and techniques of filmmaking and developing screen-based content. You may take one or more courses or workshops or choose to pursue the full certificate program. Our Certificate in Film Studies is an excellent starting point if you want to pursue a career in film, television, and digital screen content development.

Looking to reduce your summer course load? Many electives are offered throughout the Fall 2022 and Winter 2023 terms. Develop your skills in a specific area like screenwriting, scenography, or sound design, by taking one or more courses from our fall and winter offerings.

Industry and Careers

This certificate program is designed to provide a strong practical foundation in technical and business skills as they relate to film production.

It will provide you with an excellent opportunity to build your professional portfolio. Completing the certificate may help you attain entry-level positions within Canada’s $2 billion film and television industry.

Who Should Take This Certificate?

You may be interested if you:

  • work in the film industry and want to improve your qualifications
  • are new to the industry and want to better understand all aspects of production
  • work in other fields and want to make a career change to enter the film industry or develop content
  • work in allied fields and want to develop film production and screen media
  • have a related education in theory, history, and criticism of film and want to make films or develop screen media production.

What Will You Learn?

This program is a great starting point if you want to pursue a career in the film industry or satisfy your curiosity about film and film production.

Courses range from an introduction to basic filmmaking to specialized courses such as:

  • cinematography and lighting design
  • directing screen performance
  • film and digital production methods and techniques
  • fundamentals of directing, editing, shooting and producing >
  • production design
  • screenwriting
  • sound design, location and post audio production techniques
  • the business of developing, producing, and marketing films>

Curriculum Change Note: Students who registered in the certificate prior to July 2, 2022, should refer to the archived calendar for the curriculum details of your year of registration. Students who require CDMP 129 under a previous curriculum should take CMPF 106 and CMPF 206. Students who require CDMP 229 under a previous curriculum should take CMPF 322 and CMPF 422.

Certificate Requirements

  • 8 required courses
  • 2 electives
  • Cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 1.67+

Admission Criteria


  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent
    • With 6 Grade 12 U or M credits (including English)
    • With a minimum average of 60 percent


  • Mature student status with relevant professional experience

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