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Learn to speak French like a pro with a Proficiency in French certificate

Have you ever been in the middle of applying for your dream job – only to discover that you need to know how to speak French? Now, it’s time to make that dream happen. The Certificate in Proficiency in French offered by The Chang School gives you everything you need to learn how to speak, write, and understand French.

After completing our French program, you'll have reached the C1-C2 proficiency level in the rating used by the Council of Europe's Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). And soon, your career opportunities can skyrocket. Job interviews. Employment offers. Promotions. Raises. All these things may come a little easier, thanks to your French certificate and new bilingual status. Plus, your French skills aren’t just helpful in the Canadian job market: your bilingual abilities can help you flourish in other Francophone countries and roles as well.

In addition to becoming fluent in French, you’ll greatly improve your communication skills, and gain transferable skills in reading and composition, critical analysis, and textual organization.

Our certificate can get you there in as little as a year. Plus, our French classes are mostly online so you can complete your classes at your own pace, alongside any work or family responsibilities you may have.

We’ve made it as stress-free as possible to learn French, so why not get started today? Your dream job awaits.

Who should take this Proficiency in French certificate?

  • You want to become proficient in spoken and written French and expand your career options in business, government, the media, law, or other fields

What will you learn while taking the Proficiency in French certificate?

You’ll learn how to:

  • Master French grammar and vocabulary, from beginner to advanced level
  • Speak, read, write, and understand French
  • Gain a better appreciation of French and the Francophone world through cultural readings like short fictional texts and media excerpts

Certificate Requirements

  • 6 courses**
  • Cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 1.67+

**If you enter the certificate at a proficiency level below CFRE 501, you must successfully complete 6 courses. However, if granted advanced placement through the placement assessment, you only need to complete 4 advanced level courses (CFRE 501 or higher) to fulfill the certificate requirements.


Admission Criteria

  • Successful completion of Introductory French I (CFRE 101)
    • With a minimum grade of C+


Before enrolling in your first course, you must complete our online placement assessment. The results of this placement assessment will help determine which course you should enrol in first.

If you’re an undergraduate student, you should be aware of possible certificate restrictions. For complete details, check Curriculum Advising.


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