Learn to execute agile product design, product sculpture, and prototyping with 3-D printers. Realize your designs, animations, and product prototypes using 3-D printers.

In each course, you will prepare a 3-D model ready for optional 3-D printing at Toronto Metropolitan University's 3-D Printing Lab. 

This is an Open Admissions program to help you advance or change your career. 

No previous background is required. 


What Will You Learn? 

Learn how to: 

  • Develop and design a physical product including product design and prototyping for manufacturing. 
  • Utilize hands-on SOLIDWORKS tools essential for product design, focusing on modeling, lighting, texturing, animation, and rendering. 
  • Employ industry-standard 3-D modeling software SOLIDWORKS, including its sketching and modeling tools and its tools to finalize planes in 3-D model space. 
  • Draft and translate 2-D sketches into a 3-D models and combine them for product design. 
  • Execute modeling, lighting, texturing, animation, and rendering for successful 3-D printing of prototype designs.

This short course series is an excellent complement to the skills you may already possess as a professional. 

Who Should Enrol? 

This program is designed for individuals who are seeking the knowledge and skills relevant to work, and advance their careers, in the field of 3-D design, prototyping and, 3-D printing of products. 

Fast Track Option

This spring, participants in the 3-D Printing Fast Track (CKCS 995) can complete all four courses in the program in one semester. Access specialized material and individualized instructor support.

Industry and Careers 

Careers requiring highly developed skills in 3-D design, prototyping, 3-D printing and manufacturing are:

  • 3-D computer-aided designers (CAD) modelling experts
  • Research and Development computer technicians and technologists
  • Augmented Reality Developers
  • Architectural Technologists and construction modelling specialists
  • 3-D Printing-as-a-Service small business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Engineers in all engineering fields
  • Manufacturers

These specialists provide design, prototyping and 3-D manufacturing technical expertise that supports private sector companies and research and development initiatives worldwide.

Course Series Requirements

  • Successful completion of 4 required courses

Supplies to be purchased by the student:
You are required to purchase (or already own) the following software: Pixologic ZBrush and ZSpheres, Autodesk Mudbox, SOLIDWORKS, DynaMesh, and 3-D computer graphics software that saves objects in the STL (stereolithography) format. As well, you must own or have access to a laptop, tablet, tablet pen, and an external hard drive.


Recommended Sequence

We recommend you take courses in the following order:

Term 1: CKCS 233 - Product Design for 3-D Printing and CKCS 230 - Intro to SOLIDWORKS for 3-D Printing

Term 2: CKCS 231 - Product 3-D Animation/Rendering and CKCS 232 - 3-D Printing: Agile Prototyping or CKCS 234 - Product Drawing for 3-D Printing

Contact Us

Questions? Contact Alex Ferworn, Academic Coordinator.

Phone:  416-979-5000, ext. 6968
Email:  aferworn@torontomu.ca

Additional Details

The 3-D printing of student product design is available for an additional fee.

Additional Details