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Master the art of Canadian workplace communication and improve your career prospects

Every country has its own unique workplace culture – including Canada. What might be common in one region could be inappropriate in others. Want to learn how to thrive in the Canadian workplace? The Chang School’s Workplace Communication in Canada (WCC) Bridge Training Program is designed to help internationally trained immigrants (ITIs) integrate into any local work environment, stress-free.

As the workforce becomes increasingly diverse, intercultural communication skills are more important than ever. The four courses in this program will help you understand cultural differences in communication and how to deal with common client-related situations, boosting your business savvy and productivity. Our curriculum focuses on projects and presentations to familiarize you with real-life common Canadian workplace scenarios.

You can complete the program online in as little as four months. When you successfully finish the course series, you will receive a Professional Development Award (PDA) from The Chang School.

This course series features training in:

  • Personal skills, including:
    • showing initiative
    • demonstrating integrity and ethical behaviour
    • remaining motivated
    • maintaining a positive attitude
  • Professional communication skills, including:
    • effective listening and speaking
    • interviewing
    • working in a team
    • delivering presentations

We’re here to support your Canadian career journey – start the WCC Bridge Training Program today.

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Information Sessions

Join us for virtual info sessions happening from July through October.

Application Process

To apply, submit a WCC Program Eligibility Assessment.

Course Series Requirements

  • 4 required courses

Admission Criteria

  • International post-secondary education
  • Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or protected person living in Ontario
  • English language proficiency of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) Level 6 or higher on all four communication skills

Financial Support

ITIs who need financial support are eligible to apply for the Ontario Bridging Participant Assistance Program (OBPAP). The OBPAP bursary assistance fully covers the program tuition cost for eligible applicants.



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