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Level up your video game career with a Programming for Game Development certificate

Fortnite. Minecraft. Grand Theft Auto. The Legend of Zelda. Video game programmers are an integral part of bringing these worlds to life. Want to learn how to create the software and code that powers video games? The Chang School’s new certificate in Programming for Game Development will give you the education and experience to land that first entry-level job – or advance further – in the game development field.

Our game development courses focus on must-have technical knowledge, like how to program in C# and C++ in a game engine environment. You’ll learn how to perform development activities within game production pipelines at both AAA and small independent studios.

You’ll master the industry-specific activities you need to thrive in a video game development studio, including programming game features, prototyping, debugging, troubleshooting and beta testing, along with crucial interpersonal and workflow skills. Our certificate also highlights the ethical and diversity, inclusion, equity, and accessibility concepts that will help you program more high-quality, inclusive games.

Video game development is a portfolio-driven industry, so we make sure you graduate with a game programming portfolio that will make you stand out from the competition.

Already working in the video game development industry? If you’re in an entry-level or non-technical role, like game designer, this game development program can help you advance your career or reposition yourself in a technical video game development role.

You can complete our game programmer certificate online, fitting coursework into your busy schedule, and finish the whole program in as little as eight months.

We’re here to help you press start on an exciting new video game programmer career today.


Information Session

Join us on August 27, 5:00–5:45 p.m. EDT for an online info session.

Who should take this Programming for Game Development certificate?

  • You’re a gamer who’d like to work in the video-game industry as a game developer
  • You’re already working in the video game industry in a junior technical role and would like to earn a credential to advance into a mid-level technical role
  • You’d like to reposition into a technical role within the video game industry
  • You’re a self-taught programmer who wants to hone your existing skills and gain industry-specific knowledge to boost your employability
  • You’re a recent participant in, or graduate from, a computing or technology-related undergraduate or college program who wishes to enter the video game industry and wants to get an industry-related credential to improve your job prospects and stand out in the job market

What will you learn while taking the Programming for Game Development certificate?

You’ll learn how to:

  • Utilize the technical and programming skills like C#, C++, 3D Unity and UnReal that are required to work in a studio environment in a technical video game developer role
  • Build a high-quality professional portfolio to showcase the skills needed for an entry-level position in the video game industry
  • Use a game engine to create video games or elements of video games
  • Perform game development activities within game production pipelines at both AAA and small independent studios
  • Work effectively in a game studio or similar environment by communicating effectively, providing and receiving feedback, and adhering to production schedules and budgets
  • Use the video game medium to create compelling and engaging player experiences
  • Execute industry-specific activities like programming game features, prototyping, debugging, troubleshooting and beta testing

Certificate Requirements

  • 4 required courses

Admission Criteria


  • Ontario secondary school diploma or equivalent

Learners must have access to computers that meet the minimum requirements to download Unity and Unreal Engine.


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