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Increase inclusion and optimize accessibility in your workplace and community. This course series provides a foundation of knowledge on accessibility and inclusion and builds on this through courses on legislation, digital accessibility, employment, and public space design.

An experiential learning capstone course -- a project-based opportunity in the community provides the opportunity to apply the concepts and knowledge gained through your studies. Expand on your first hand experience with policy and organizational changes and build marketable hands-on experience as you build your personal network in the community.

This course series can be completed entirely online.

Learning Outcomes

  • Increased awareness of accessibility and inclusion in social, built, and cultural environments
  • Knowledge and understanding of accessibility standards
  • The ability to position accessibility legislation within regional, provincial, national, and international contexts
  • Development of required skills for compliance with provincial accessibility legislation
  • Application of skills and knowledge in the field

Who Should Enrol?

The courses in Leadership in Accessibility and Inclusion will appeal to those who are interested in working in positions such as:

  • accessibility coordinator
  • AODA specialist
  • IT accessibility specialist
  • accessibility counsellor/educator
  • diversity and inclusion specialist
  • equity, diversity, and inclusion team leader
  • disability consultant
  • inclusive recreation coordinator
  • accommodation specialist
  • community inclusion and support facilitator
  • assistive technologist
  • web developer


Amy“Design is not just about the built environment; it is about the full user experience. After taking courses at The Chang School, I have a more in-depth understanding of the Accessible Canada Act and what other countries are doing to remove barriers in design, communication, and digital platforms. My goal is to continually advance my knowledge and fuel my passion with quality education.”

Building Code and Inclusive Design Strategist
Course Series in Leadership in Accessibility and Inclusion

Course Series Requirements

  • Successful completion of 3 required courses
  • Successful completion of 1 elective

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