Course Description

In the information economy, the way in which organizations use and manage information is often key to competitive survival in their industry. This course is a 'Capstone,' intended to be taken in the student's final year, which integrates many of the student's preceding business and IT courses. It focuses on building an understanding of the strategic role of information systems in supporting organizational objectives. In a case study with a real organization, working in teams, students will also learn how to apply models to analyze industry dynamics, apply the process of competitive analysis to a specific company, and identify strategic IT opportunities. Please note: mandatory prerequisite requirements are as follows: Completion of all required professional and professionally-related courses in the first three years of the program is required for this course. Note: Since some of the required courses are not offered every semester, it is each student's individual responsibility to manage their course planning to ensure all prerequisites are met.


Standard course outlines for Information Technology Management (CITM) courses are available on the ITM website.


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