Course Description

This course examines the merchandise buying and planning function within the context of bricks and mortar and e-commerce retail organizations. Course content understanding customers, making buying decisions, forecasting, controlling inventories, preparing buying plans, developing assortment plans, managing vendor relations and pricing the merchandise. This is accomplished through a heavy emphasis on retail math and excel. Merchandise buying and planning requires an understanding of the buyer's roles and responsibilities as well as their relationship to other functions inside and outside the organization.


The prerequisite may be waived if the student has specific professional experience. Individuals who do not have the prerequisite and who wish to take this course must contact the Academic Coordinator, Sean Sedlezky, at ssedlezk@torontomu.ca for more information.

This course is part of the Retail Buying Course Series. 


This course is fully online and asynchronous, meaning you typically will not have to be online at specific times. You will engage in course-related activities through online tools such as announcements, discussions, and email. Your course learning will be based on weekly module content and activities that you can go through independently. Note: there are still deadlines for assignment submissions, and you may be expected to participate in discussion board interactions with your peers on a regular basis.
Your instructor may also include occasional scheduled sessions for Q&As and other discussion activities, using web conferencing tools such as Zoom and Google Meet. More details will be included in your course outline available on the first day of class.


Prerequisite: CRMG 200

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