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This course offers an intensive investigation into all aspects of studio lighting photography. The course consists of a series of lectures, critiques, and extensive studio sessions learning the basic techniques.Particular attention is paid to controlled lighting, precise exposure, and the techniques of electronic flash as they apply to studio photography. Emphasis is placed on learning to balance compositional elements within the frame to produce an articulate photograph. Other topics include filters, special effects, and an introduction to the business of commercial photography. Equivalent to one Professionally Related elective in Image Arts from Table I (see Undergraduate Program Calendar). (Formerly Commerical Photography I)


A prerequisite may be waived if the student has specific professional experience. Registered certificate program students who do not have the prerequisite and who wish to take this course must contact Client Services at ce@torontomu.ca for more information.

Students must own or have access to a digital interchangeable lens camera with at least 10 megapixels and at least one lens in the "normal" to moderate telephoto range (equivalent to 50mm to 90mm on full frame sensor).

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Prerequisites: CDFP 329

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