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Communication practitioners must understand how law matters in every day communication and be cognizant of the principles, institutions, and practices that regulate communication in a range of media and contexts. In this case and theory-based course, students explore the intersections of communication and law through the study of semiotics and legal discourse; the social and technological contexts of communication that provoke and challenge legal regulation; freedom of expression; and the legal frameworks for the protection of consumers, individual privacy, and intellectual property in the digital age.


Note: Registered certificate program students without the CCMN course prerequisites may apply to the Academic Coordinator, Sandra Rosenberg, at srosenbe@ryerson.ca for consideration to enrol in this course without the required prerequisites.

For a sample course outline for classroom delivery, consult the Ryerson University School of Professional Communication website


Prerequisite: CMN 100 or CCMN 114 or CCMN 124 or CMN 200 or CCMN 201 or CMN 207 or CCMN 279 or CCMN 300 or CCMN 373

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