Course Description

This course will study scenography as a parallel progression with a cross-cultural survey of the arts. Organized along major world belief systems, students will familiarize themselves with visual and aural culture as it is expressed in art, music, architecture, fashion, and decorative arts. From sacred space to 21st Century media, students will examine how the elements of early spiritual dance evolved with emerging technologies and changes in religious, societal, and political systems. Students will learn to recognize cultural and scenographic trends as they conduct primary and secondary source research. The scenographic tradition will be addressed in terms of ceremony interpreting text for constructed or virtual worlds, relationship-building in communities, and collaborative work structures. The lexicon of scenographic technologies and styles will also be examined as a reflection of world culture. Weekly lectures and visual and aural research will enable students to create a personal textbook of sources to use for designing productions. (Equivalent to one Professionally Related elective from Table II, see Image Arts in the Undergraduate Program Calendar.)

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