Course Description

This course provides a comparative analysis of US and Canadian politics and of international relations between the two countries. To this end, it explores the comparative history and political cultures of the two countries; the institutions of their respective political systems; elections, political parties and voting; regionalism; federalism; public policies; and specific Canadian-American issues like free trade, climate change, national security and the war against terrorism, Arctic sovereignty and other current topics. (Canadian)


This course includes on-campus section(s) for the Spring/Summer 2022 term. On-campus sections are identified in each section's detail summary as “Classroom” (and/or “Downtown” as the location). Visit COVID-19 Updates for Chang School Students for the most up-to-date guidance on attending on-campus classes.  


Prerequisite: POG 210 or (POL 101 and POL 102) or POL 27B or POL 332 or CPPA 120

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