Course Description

In this course, students will complete applied projects drawing on their previous studies in the program and their public administration work environment and experience. The practicum is based on experiential learning, focusing on knowledge skills and career-relevant modules completed over the course of the year. The applied projects can be focused on the students' past, current, or future public administration work environment/organization. See Department website for enrolment requirements. (Formerly PPA30A/B).


CPPA 50A is a multi-term course. If you enrol in CPPA 50A for the selected term, you will automatically be enrolled in CPPA 50B for the subsequent term. The automatic enrolment usually occurs near the completion of “A” term, and therefore the “B” term will not appear on your schedule of classes until that time.


Department Consent Required

Antirequisites: PPA 31B, PPA 51B


Thank you for your interest in this course. Unfortunately, this course currently isn't available.

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