Course Description

This capstone course will allow participants to synthesize and apply what they have learned to complex energy management issues and energy solution implementations. Participants will analyze selected case scenarios and possible solutions using the energy management frameworks and models mastered in earlier courses to provide substantiation, precedents, and supporting evidence for proposed recommendations. As this is the capstone course in the Energy Management and Innovation certificate, participants will be required to undertake a final project paper to integrate and apply energy sustainability's social, economic, and/or environmental components to one or more issues, solutions, or innovations. The final paper allows participants to demonstrate a broad mastery of learning across the curriculum and to hone their ability to propose specific strategies and solutions that incorporate best sustainability practices and meet regulatory requirements. The paper may be used by participants for career portfolio purposes.


This is an online home study course.

This course is fully online and asynchronous, meaning you typically will not have to be online at specific times. You will engage in course-related activities through online tools such as announcements, discussions, and email. Your course learning will be based on weekly module content and activities that you can go through independently. Note: there are still deadlines for assignment submissions, and you may be expected to participate in discussion board interactions with your peers on a regular basis. 
Your instructor may also include occasional scheduled sessions for Q&As and other discussion activities, using web conferencing tools such as Zoom and Google Meet. More details will be included in your course outline available on the first day of class.


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