Course Description

Introduction to discrete structures as they apply to design and analysis. Review of proof techniques. Induction and recursion. Graphs and trees, and their applications in computing. Finite automata and regular expressions. Counting: arithmetic and geometric progressions, permutations and combinations, modular arithmetic.


On-campus exam requirement: Beginning Fall 2022, your final exam will be written in person at the Toronto Metropolitan University campus. If you live more than 100 km from the TMU campus, you may arrange to write your exam off campus using an approved off-campus invigilation service. Details on how to arrange off-campus invigilation will be provided prior to the first day of class. Details on the date of your exam can be found on the Exams for Online Courses webpage.


Prerequisite: CMTH 110, CCPS 109
Antirequisite: MTH 210

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