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Missed Mid-Term and Final Exam Procedure

Spring/Summer 2022

All students of The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education are expected to complete their assignments, tests, and exams within the time frames and by the dates indicated in your course outline. However, Toronto Metropolitan University policies allow a student who misses a mid-term or final exam for one of the following reasons only – religious observance, health reasons, or compassionate grounds (generally, normal employment commitments and vacations will not constitute grounds for academic consideration) – to request an alternate arrangement to write a makeup exam.

Submission of Documentation

Effective July 13, 2020, students are required to submit their requests for academic consideration through the online system. Students are also required to submit appropriate documentation (a completed Toronto Metropolitan Student Health Certificate or a letter from an appropriate-regulated health practitioner) through this system.

Students must submit the request within three working days of the missed test/exam.

When a student submits an academic consideration request through the online system, the instructor and Program Department will receive a notification through their Toronto Metropolitan e-mail. Once the Program Department has verified the student’s health documentation, the instructor will once again be notified of the verification.

Please note: that during the current COVID-19 situation students who miss an assessment due to cold or flu-like symptoms, or due to self-isolation, are currently not required to provide a health certificate. All other illnesses must continue to have health documentation provided.

Approval for a student to write a makeup exam (as opposed to re-weighting the marks) is at your discretion, providing your decision is in compliance with Toronto Metropolitan policy; that is: 

  1. The student has submitted the request online and in a timely manner.
  2. The student has submitted the required originally-signed documentation as per Senate Policy 167: Academic Consideration.
  3. The makeup term test should be written before the final exam.
  4. The makeup exam does not have to be in the same format as the original in-class exam.

All communications with the student must be via Toronto Metropolitan email.

CECL Responsibilities

During the current COVID 19 situation, The Chang School does not have scheduled make-up exam sessions. CECLs are responsible to provide an alternate exam time for students to write their on-line exam or provide an alternate assessment method as soon as possible after they have been notified by the student and provided they have received confirmation regarding their documentation. 

Student Responsibilities

Students have the following responsibilities in requesting consideration for a makeup exam:

  • SUBMIT a request online as soon as reasonably possible, either before or within 3 working days of the scheduled exam, to request an opportunity to write a makeup exam.
  • SUBMIT online an originally-signed, appropriate written document regarding the reason they are not able to write the exam on the originally scheduled exam date (i.e., your student should be directed to Student Request for Accommodation of Student Religious, Aboriginal and Spiritual Observance at the beginning of the course; for health reasons, your student should complete the Toronto Metropolitan Student Health Certificate form. Without this documentation, the student should not be granted an accommodation to write a makeup exam and should be assigned a zero grade.
  • COMPLETE their makeup exam only on the exam date assigned by you.